Monday, December 6, 2010


This past month or so has been very trying in the sense that my mind and emotions have been on other things that cause me to ponder on the purpose of things or shall I say, the reason behind why some people go through harder times in order to get something simple accomplished as opposed to others.
My husband and I are expecting our second child in four months, however, there have been some complications/setbacks in this pregnancy that we could have never have known about previously. It has been a roller coaster ride to say the least. It is such a rare situation that most have never heard of it and wouldn't have the slightest clue as to how to even imagine what we have to go through to have this baby - healthy.
I will say that there have been many times that my husband and I have questioned ourselves and our faith, asking God, 'did we do something that was unpleasing to you?' or 'Is there something you want us to learn from all of this?'  Truly, as a normal human being we begin to question our motives on things and if there is a reason for the fact that we have to struggle in life. And truthfully, the answer to this question is... grace. That's the most significant answer we can come up with when we pray for our baby, our situation, and even when we confide in our pastor. Grace. It is God's gift to us. We simply need to put all of our faith and trust into Him and believe that his grace is for us, being confident in his promises and truths. Its all in the Word of God, which we must take into full action and apply it to our lives and to our prayer life - and stand on that.

On a more personal level, standing in the middle of worship service on Sunday morning I found myself singing the praise and worship and something inside me prompted me to visualize myself standing in front of the throne of God and offering my whole self to him. Along with that, I gave him all of my worries/ concerns about the health and wellbeing of our baby. I also laid my baby at his feet (even though, technically, baby is still forming in my womb) for his keeping and his protection. And amazingly after giving him everything I was holding onto so tightly, my worries have turned into, 'Lord, I trust you. I know our baby is in your hands. I know you'll see to it that she comes to full health.'

When you come to the full realization that you truly do not have any power or control over a difficult situation, the only thing left to do is to completely surrender it to God. All of it. Let him have the worry, the stress, the anxiety (yes, I've dealt with all of these things.... its no fun), continually be in steadfast prayer and then allow Him to do his plan. God is good. We may not understand all of what comes to pass in life, nor do we necessarily deserve everything that life hands out to us. Yet, it is in our best interest to learn and get the most of our experiences to grow into greater character for the glory of God.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Focus. Understand. Vision.

So who am I to think that I am little miss perfect? Am I perfect? Oh my gosh - - NO! Far from it. Then why do I get so bent out of shape when someone or more than one person brings it to my attention? What about their attitude or their mistakes? Why am I the bad guy? Why is it that when one person reminds me of my imperfections - everybody and their brother has to be in on the gang-up fest?

Ok. Yes. I have had a dramatic week or two with plenty of drama. And its all my fault, apparently. But I will say this, I have learned a lot over the last week or two. The first major lesson learned: Focus on changing ME. Not what others need to change. Focus on simply loving with the love that God gives me every single day as well as what I need to improve upon and change to make the lives of others better and benefit from having crossed paths with me.  Second major lesson learned: identify the love/life languages of those I encounter often.... significant other, family, friends, co-workers, employer, etc. By understanding what makes these people feel appreciated and valued, it makes it so much easier to speak their language than our own - especially if they do not interpret what we may feel as value. God wired us each a bit differently. That's not a bad thing, we are all unique and all with our own special giftedness - areas that we are able to bless others.
Third major lesson learned: identify the 'picture' or vision that you want to see in your life and then identify the areas in your life that may need to be 'tweaked' in order to make that vision a reality. Then ask God to help you sort out these areas.

The third lesson is a key element to understanding who you are and how you became who you are. It is a process that involves asking yourself questions about your past - with your family history. History regarding your parents, their relationship- their love relationship, how they resolved conflict, your good memories, bad memories, family traditions, family addictions that have been passed down through the generations... there are numerous things that go into how you've become who you are. The best part is, once we work on the areas that could really use some fine tuning, the benefits far outweigh the hardship of dealing with the issues we discover. It becomes a part of getting to that reality of the vision we want for our lives and maybe even for our family.

As for my vision, its still a work in progress. But the process of getting there has been an eye opener. What will you discover about yourself and your family as you decide upon your vision? You never know until you decide to unwrap all the layers..... but I encourage you to begin. You won't be disappointed in the end result.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world.

So what happens when you get a phone call and recieve alarming news on the other end? The initial response is sometimes confusion, fear, the need for answers and/or more information.... right? Or it can be the question, "why God? why me?" But truthfully, why anybody? Why does anyone have to recieve difficult news and sometimes even more difficult events in their lives? Does it make the world a terrible place? Does it make God a mean God? Is God out to get you for some reason or another? I'm going to tell you no, no, and NO it does not.  Let me explain.

About four weeks ago, my family recieved some interesting but difficult news. We didn't know what to make of it... because there were no concrete answers or solutions to the news. I myself, I was in bewilderment thinking, how does this happen to me of all people? How does this happen to us?? We love God with our lives, with our whole heart, what is a roadblock like this doing in our family? The truth is, as my husband and I have gathered with many, many family and friends to agree in prayer we've come to understand that our struggles are not against flesh and blood. No. Our struggle is against the enemy (the devil) who wants nothing more than to destroy our family, destroy our lives, and destroy our faith. The only problem with the enemy's plans...... our God is way BIGGER than any plan he can come up with to destroy us. We have our faith, we have prayer (which by the way is the strongest most powerful tool you possess to dominate any situation!), we have the Word of God (another incredibly powerful tool if it is verbally and prayerfully claimed in prayer), and we have a God that defeated death itself on the cross and resurrected to give life to us all if we believe.

"Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world."  1 John 4:4

God is greater than any situation or any person that causes you opposition because of your firm faith and trust in him as you pray consistantly about your circumstances and/or your opposition. Another verse that I've been faithfully keeping in constant prayer, Ephesians 6:15-18.

God is faithful and he is good. When your find yourself in struggle, chances are your faith is being stretched. Don't be afraid of it, embrace it with the Word of God and consistant prayer to Him for his favor in your life or in the lives of your loved ones.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Stand firm.... not in fear

Life is full of twists and turns. Just when you think that your world is perfect and normal.. it seems something wild is thrown into the mix and you think, 'Now where did that come from', only there are no real concrete answers or solutions to the matter. So what do you do with something like that? I've been asking myself the same exact question.
My family and I landed ourselves in a very unique and rare situation of which has no concrete answers of any kind - just a lot of speculation. There are no absolute solutions to accompany the situation at hand, either. So, I found myself writing in my prayer journal, simply voicing my thoughts and my heart about what we're going through. It was shortly after that, that I heard that still small voice speaking to me saying, 'Rest assured.' The Lord was reassuring me that if we simply continue to TRUST in him and not rely on our fear or our anxiety, we are in good hands.
You see, I know this. And I knew this. But how easy it can be to waver from what you know to be true when you're faced with life's twists and turns. We went through a whirlwind of mixed emotions, fears, doubts trying to do as much research and learn as much as we could about our circumstances.... and the more we dug, the more fearful and anxious we became. A cousin of mine reminded me of a necessary message, she said, 'You speak to that situation and tell it who your God is and that we are created perfect in his image. Do not let FEAR enter your mind - it is Satan's playground. Stand firm in your faith and in the truth, rest in his peace knowing that He is good all of the time.'  Such vital and important words...... I needed to hear them, desperately at that very moment.

Stand firm. Know who you serve. The Lord is your resting place and your comfort. Allow him to convey to you about your situation - not your fear or your worry. And most importantly, he is good and he only desires good things for his children who acknowledge him by faith.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Dream BIG and just watch...

Life can be crazy. I also know that I am not the only human being that sometimes feels as though it is all crashing down on them. If I were the only one, I'd have to bring a few of me down with me so I wouldn't be the only weird one of the bunch. I had made a pact that I was going to be more consistent with my postings, and as it is soley considered my 'Internship' for school now as well... for the past few weeks I have failed miserably. I took three, three credit classes in five weeks in order to stay on track for graduation next fall. It caused me to fall a bit behind on my posts. Why, you wonder??  I first must be a wife, mother, and then a student all at the same time. It isn't easy. But to come out on the other side walking down the graduation aisle, I have to do it. This website depends on it.

You see, my dream and ultimate goal with The Alabaster Room is to not only make it into a 'virtual' reality, but also a physical reality. The Alabaster Room's main objective is to reach out to teen girls and women everywhere to make them aware of their beauty and uniqueness through the eyes and love of Jesus Christ. Eventually, as the proper timing arises, Alabaster Room will literally become a place where girls can actually come and just be girls - to hang out, enjoy the fellowship of one another, and simply have fun. There will be professional counseling available to those who have life issues to talk about and seek positive guidance and prayer about their situation(s) and be shown true love through the hearts of elder women who love them.

Yes, I have big dreams. Those dreams don't end there either... I have many bigger ones up my sleeve. I'm not afraid to dream big, because God wants us to dream as big as we possibly can and then put full trust and faith in Him to bring them to pass - as long as we are obedient to what he instructs us to do. I am excited for what God's going to do in the future. In my family, with and through my family, with The Alabaster Room, with our family business.... everything.  I believe that if we don't dream big, we don't dream at all. If I hadn't chosen to dream big and chosen to stick with the high standards God called me to to begin with - I wouldn't be where I am now.  God is good. SO good. Do not be afraid to dream and dream BIG. If you choose to trust and be faithful.... those very dreams can become reality - you just watch!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

You can change the world

To all of you who are full time students - whether it be high school, college, or a student of life - this week, I feel your pain. It is finals week for me as a college student. It is brutal. Yes, I was in college many years ago as a teen and young adult, and here I am in my thirties back in the game. It's tough - I forgot how tough it is - let's just put it that way. I found myself grumbling a few times, to myself and to my husband, and yes there were a couple of key moments when I wanted to throw something at a professor (sorry if any of you read this.... I'm just voicing my frustrations, here). Thank God my classes are done on-line because if looks could kill, someone woulda been instantlly killed. Just sayin.

So, all in all, being a full time wife, mommy, housekeeper, bookeeper, grocery shopper, errand runner, baby entertainer, and all that goes into all of that - PLUS being a full time student with 9 full credits to complete within 5 weeks. OMGosh.... my head is spinning. Someone hand me an advil! OK, so I'm not fully done whining as you can see. But - I do have a point. Really. I do.

Perseverance, people! It is absolutely vital when you are running a race of any kind, shape or form. No pain, no gain. Seriously. I'm not just saying that to see myself type. It is a true and real thing that one must possess in order to get through life's most challenging and taxing moments. It also builds character. Lots of character. If you can come out of the toughest with flying colors -  still smiling like you just met your best friend in the whole wide world, you're ahead of the game my friend. Many have lost their patience and personal perseverance. Its a 'fast food' world out there.They've lost their ability to carry through to the very end and say that they accomplished something magnificent. You can outrun that mindset. You have the potential to finish the race and change the world. But only if you really want to.

SO. The question is..... do you really want to? Who's with me??? Let's finish and change the world - because we can!

Monday, September 13, 2010

All those Hats.... so little sanity

Wake up in the morning. Check. Feed the baby breakfast. Check. Begin the day. Check. Half way through the day, check vital signs..... uh, check, I think. Yeah, it gets that way sometimes. How about you?? I know I don't have a 9 to 5 job per say, but I do have a job that keeps me on call 24-7, does that count? Most of us women now days do a serious juggling act - and I don't care how old or young you are - it is the description of being a woman. Doesn't matter if you're a senior in high school, a busy college student, a young mom or whatever your story is..... fact is we wear many different hats in our daily lives as the female gender and we wear them well or as best as we can.

These days I am a full time wife, mother, full time student, housekeeper, book keeper, bill payer, grocery shopper, and everything else one can possibly find in the middle of their regular description. I recently figured out that there isn't a salary out there to compete with everything we do. We could be millionaires and it still wouldn't come close. Sure, we're not working on Wall Street, but hey close enough I say! But I'm just thinking out loud right now...... my son's napping, I have homework to do but I'm not doing it right now because the school's system seems to be waaaaay slow today and I simply don't have the patience to deal with it because I'm super tired and want to take a nap, myself!  Anybody with me? I thought so. But do I take one............ probably not. Too many other things are calling my name. Blast.

I'm here to tell you ladies that we are human. God made us human. No, we are not perfect, nor will we ever be. But we are precious beings and created to give the world a glimpse of what beauty and grace is just by being us. God made us precious in his sight, we are fearfully and wonderfully made - by design! Yes that's right, he made us with a plan and purpose in mind. So no matter how many hats you wear and however 'pooped out' we are there is still a marked and designed purpose for you walking and breathing the life you live by yours truly. To that I say, Yea God!

Friday, September 3, 2010

The Leader of the Pack

What do you think of when you think of a leader? The president of the United States? Your boss? Did you know that the primary definition of leadership is servanthood? Or that it is necessary to serve in order to be a great leader? It is an essential part of being a leader. I've always known this as a Bible College student years ago, but now that I am back in school, one of my courses focuses on leadership and the qualities of a great leader. Many of my fellow students in our live chat last eveing were surprised that this would be a characteristic..... 'is the role of a leader to lead? Not serve??' I found it fascinating the different ideas and perceptions of leadership that are out there. What do you percieve the definition of leadership?

Every one of us is a leader of some sort. Yes, all of us. Whether we like it or not, we have people that watch us and observe our character, our values, how we live, etc. We may even have followers even though it may not be that evident. But, if you are a walking and breathing human, you are a leader of some sort. Are you setting a positive example? What kind of character do you live by..... one of integrity and morals? Are you walking with goals and dreams in the pursuit of them? Think about it. If a child observed your footsteps would they likely follow a path of promise and passion?

Let me guide you down another interesting path. If you are familiar with the scriptures, you may have heard the story of Nehemiah. Nehemiah is legendary for his keen leadership abilities. He was a servant in the truest sense. He put his people's needs before his own, he kept his people in steadfast prayer and only operated in the Word of God and God's leading. He had God's favor because of it. And his followers highly respected him. Nehemiah loved God with his whole heart and followed him.
Charles Swindoll authored a book about Nehemiah called, 'Hand Me Another Brick', the theme behind the book is the model of leadership. I found what he said about Nehemiah and leadership to be riviting, "The central theme of the book, threading its way through every episode, is leadership- how God uses one person to motivate and encourage others to explore new possibilities, to defy the odds, to overcome inertia and apathy to effect constructive change."  Awesome.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fast Forward? No. Click.

Ever wish you could conduct your day opposite of the way you feel? In that same day, make everything around you go the way you want it do vs the opposition you seem to get from everything you touch? Yep. I know it. It's such a relief when the day has come to an end, you can go to bed knowing that it is a new day and a new start. But what happens on the days that you wake up the next morning and everything is as it was the day previous?? Can you fast forward? Uh.. no. Unfortunately, God never gave us a remote control like that... or maybe we just need to pay a visit to Bed, Bath and Beyond only to go the waaay beyond in the back of the store and the sneaky guy in the back room will issue us the all-in-one remote that'll fast forward us through everything we don't want to do in life to the pure blissful moments in life instead. Only problem is, we'll wind up like Adam Sandler, missing out on all the little phases of life and nearly dying of a broken heart and missing half of his life. He missed the 'Dragon Tales' phase of his little girl, he missed his son growing up wanting to be just like him. He also missed out on his loving and doting father just wanting to spend time with him even though it always seemed like it was at the most pressing times of his work career.

Does this ring a bell? If you haven't seen the movie, 'Click', it can be a hard movie to watch but it has a fantastic message behind it: FAMILY. If we keep thinking the shoulda coulda wouldas... we'll never fully live life. If I could just get a better job, if I could just get that promotion. If we could only get that bigger house.... things will be so much better. If only....... you fill in the blank. Jesus came so that we could live in the now.
Live NOW. Love NOW. Not later. Later may be too late.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Traffic Jam

I always ask myself, 'why do I always have to make things so difficult?', as though life could be a lot simpler. You know? Do you ever find yourself so close to almost literally pulling your hair out? I DO!
I decided to pack up and drive to the Twin Cities (MN) and run to a couple of stores, only, I got a little bit of a later start... like noon. Yeah, I'll never do that again. I kept telling myself in my head that if I was going to do that, that I need to leave a lot earlier... say like, 9 or 10am. But, I went anyway. My son was a little trooper though, I must say, with me dragging him to each destination and trying his patience through what I thought I might possibly bypass - - traffic. And lots of it. This............... is what why I wanted to pull my hair out. This, was when I was telling myself once again, that if I'd left earlier or chosen a different day and left way earlier I could have missed entirely. But alas, as I look at my son in the rear view mirror, he's making funny faces and smiling at me while I'm just wanting to go faster than 5 mph.

Here's the thing though, I should have been taking cues from my little boy in the backseat. Because here I was struggling with the idea of laaaaying on my horn to no end and letting a few unmentionables fly outta my mouth (although, I would never do that - it's totally out of character for me.  :?  ) and then here's this little boy just watching all these crazy people in their cars slowly drift by and he's lovin' life. He's got his little snacks and sippy cup, his life's a parade! Why can't I have that outlook.......... even when I'm stuck in traffic?  Hmmm.... I needed a change in perspective.

Why do we get so silly frusterated when things don't go our way or as quick as we would like them to? Are we really that stubborn and self-absorbed??  I think as a society, we have a lot of growing up to do. Jesus says to 'Cast our cares upon him..... lay our head upon his shoulders for his yoke is easy...' why don't we do that more often? I think we forget that no matter how frusterated, irritated, upset, distraught, sad, angry we get that yes, he DOES care. He is ok with our 'messes' and still loves us. But we need to tell him about it and allow him to help us though it. It's what he does best.... love and compassion.

So, I look at my son and he looks at me. I stick my tongue out at him and he laughs. That was worth all the hairpulling in the world if you ask me!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Are YOU the one?

My husband and I attended a youth service tonight at our church... it's amazing how much energy these kids have! Wow!! But it's awesome because so many of them truly do have a heart for God and it's evident in the way they worship and how they relate with one another.
The message of the night was something that was pretty gripping, something like, 'THIS could be the year', 'YOU could be the one'. In other words, this could be the year that an entire state could be impacted for Christ. You could be the one to change the world.... could you imagine? For example, think about the fact that if you invited one or two friends (or family members) to church. Then, one or both of those friends invites a couple of their friends... it's like a domino effect. Consider the fact that it could be an amazing epidemic! If God led you to do your part and set your world ablaze with your love for God and for people -- could you imagine how much of an impact you could have on your schools, your jobs, your families, the rest of your friends or anyone you encounter for that matter? 
It's the same for anyone who's not a student. For an adult...if we walked around with a constant smile on our face with a great attitude just because you know that God has blessed you with an amazing life to live and you're going to make sure the whole world knows about it.... yeah, you may get a few unusual looks, but for the most part people are going to take notice that you're a really happy person and they want to know why. They want what you're having. Don't you think?? I don't know about  you but I'm drawn to cheerful, positive people who just have the most joyous outlook on life. I know of a few people in particular that are very dear to me that I love to be around so much just to soak in their joy. That makes people's heads turn! And it's the love of Jesus that makes those heads turn. Do YOU want to make head's turn?? Do you want to make an impact in people's lives?? Let's do it! Let's show the world what a blessing and amazing journey it is to live out loud!! Are ya with me?!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It's a Journey but the Destination is worth the Journey

Ohhhh..... if I must! This is what has been going through my mind lately as various things come up. School is a very large and daunting topic on my plate at this point in time. I possibly bit off more than I could chew - but it was necessary to graduate at the end of the year. Yikes! But I look at it this way, it will have all been worth it to walk down that aisle with a degree in my  hand and maybe even with honors.  It means I have accomplished something rather large in my life that for a short period I wasn't sure I could do. My husband (my boyfriend at the time) convinced me that if I wasn't happy in my job... life is too short to go through your life in a job you don't enjoy. 'Wouldn't you rather go to work everyday never actually working a day in your life?' was what he asked. He was right. He hit the nail right on the head. I was wasting my time at a job that may make good money, but I was tired, worn out, and so not happy with what I was doing.

I made a switch. In my life and with my attitude. And soon, I'm going to be reaping the reward of that decision. At one point, I questioned God if it was the right thing to do. But I simply felt God was saying - "It's now or never, dear!" So.... I made the leap. I was 27 years old and I went back to school. Left the job I hated and went in search of a job in an entirely different location. I was happy. I was excited. I was exhilerated. But I also had a tad bit of fear, too. What if things didn't work out? What if things all came undone and I was left sitting in a puddle of failure?  You know what?  I had to take that risk. I had to trust God and know that He had me in the palm of his hand - which he did - and go out and change my path for the better and for my future.

Since that day....... it's been rocky at times, but it's grand.  Think about your life and the way you live it. Are you happy? Do you feel you're meeting your fullest potential? Or are you still sitting in a puddle of 'whatever' and just feel like this is probably the best you can do? I have news for you..... you can do better. There is better, God has better and you can be better. Just dust yourself off and ask God to show you which direction to go and .....  GO. Don't look back, either! And when you're in the journey, even when you get to your destination - - smile and remember where you came from, then know your life is worth the journey!

Friday, August 20, 2010

I think I can, I think I can...

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can! Nooooo....... I KNOW I can. 'Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world', 'Nothing is impossible with God'.  Sound familiar? Yes, I am a normal human being. I doubt myself sometimes. I doubt myself as a person, a student, as a wife, as a mother at times. It's not like I ever claimed to be a super human with incredible super powers. Just sayin!
So I have some things coming up in my near future that I'm really thinking, 'Ummm.... how in the helk am I going to pull all of this off without losing whatever sanity I have?!? Strangely, I still have no clue. Not one. I usually have some sort of a plan - but not this time. I'm at a loss at this point, ladies! For real! And it's possible that you're all thinking, 'girl... you can do it.' I can honestly say that it's going to be a 'one day at a time' ordeal with not a moment to spare. Am I freaked out? Uhh.. yeah.

But it's this little whisper I get in my heart everytime I think about my situations(s)... 'it'll all work out, just trust me'. And no, it's not what I keep telling myself. I've been praying a whole lot about how and... well, how? And that's just the same answer I get everytime I give myself a moment to whine to God a little. Do you ever have those moments when you just want to say to God with your big fat bottom lip hangin' out, 'Oh do I have to???'.  Yeah, that's me. Truthfully though, it's like this: I have to trust God every morning for him to pull off a miracle and help me to get through the day, the week, the month, and well... each day of life. We should be doing that every day that we are blessed enough to have life. Trust him. Not just with our daily activities but with out lives. He gave it to us... why shouldn't we trust him with it? You know? We can trust him with every fiber of our being. It's not a catch 22 like so many other things in life. It's a plain and simple concept.

He loves YOU. He created you with his image in mind. Run with it and make his day and the day of those around you. Never mind all of the challenges you face (yes, I'm preachin' to the choir , I know) and be who you know he created you to be.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's What You Make of It...

It's occured to me several times in the last few days or so that life just doesn't always turn out the way we want it. Even though I may have it all planned out in my head... (yes, I am a planner by nature, so it kills me when things go 'the opposite direction' of those plans) those plans often just kind of 'unravel' in every which direction. And do I have any control over it? Well, NO. Because if I DID... it wouldn't have happened so different in the first place, right? Yeah. My life. Welcome to it.

So, my little family takes off for the weekend to go to a family baby shower on my hubby's side. That was fun. Then, we check into our hotel (only because we thought it silly to pack up and go home and then travel another 80 some miles back in the same direction the very next morning...). The hotel chain we generally like to stay in is quite nice. The staff is wonderfully friendly and helpful. The rooms are extremely nice and comfortable. And the breakfast in the morning has always been very good. We've always felt like we were at home no matter what location we choose to stay at. This was waaaaaay different. The location we stayed at this time was dirty, dingy and to top things off... the room we reserved was quite different than what we were expecting.  To make a long story short, we were very disappointed with our stay there. In my head, I'm grumbling - a lot. What made it even harder was the fact that our 13 month old son didn't want to go to sleep and when he did go to sleep, he didn't want to STAY asleep. Yep. Not fun.

Needless to say, we wound up giving ourselves a 'pep talk'. Yes, you heard me. A pep talk. 'Cause if we didn't, we were going to walk around being frusterated and taking it out on our sleepless child - which that definately doesn't do any good. Life is not about us. The world doesn't revolve around us. And we certainly are not God's gift to earth. But here's what we ARE: children of God, vessels in His creation, His hands, His feet, and the list goes on and on. We are not here to hope that everything WE planned goes according to our little master plan because rightfully so.... His masterplan is the only one we should be worried about. Because His plan is far more perfect and complete than ours ever will be.  Just when you think you've got it all figured out..... just watch, Jesus will change it up on you. And the best part is - it will be even better than anything you would have conjured up.
So yes, our hotel stay was less than we imagined this time around. But, we went to our baseball game and had a great time. Our son did a pretty good job for being up three hours straight without an afternoon nap! Our ride home was relaxing and decided that it was so so good to be home back in our own beds and comfortable again.... yes, it is the simple pleasures in our home.  :)

Friday, August 6, 2010

"This is the Life"

My husband and I caught the last twenty minutes of Oprah the other day (I'm usually way too busy to watch TV during the day... but that day was an exception) and she had the former first lady, Laura Bush and her two daughters on the show. They were discussing Laura's book that is out now. The book talks about Laura's life in her words. Her childhood, life before George's presidency, during presidency and their lives now. It talks about the day of 911 and the aftermath in the White House. She even mentions things that most would have never known - for example, did you know that everyone at the White House has to PAY for their food - even the first family?? So that means that the Obama's get a bill every week for the food that that they eat! That also means that if the President has guests come to dinner with them, he has to pay for his family as well as his guests to eat dinner in the White House. They may live there... but they have to pay to eat. Crazy.
So.... in watching Laura and her daughters talk about what they've learned about life up to this point, Oprah states that there was a paragraph in particular that she read in Laura's book that she felt completely describes who Laura is in the utmost sense. I can't remember the whole paragraph, but, the very end of what Laura said was what grasped me - "It was the moments when the baby girls were put to bed for the night and I would be out weeding the flower garden as I glimpse the sunset and George would be sitting on the steps of the front porch reading the newspaper, it was at that moment I would just think, 'This is the life'.

So simple isn't it? But I love that. It's the small, simple things. It's when we try to complicate life and try to go for bigger and better that we lose sight of the great and wonderful things that really matter and mean the most. Bigger is most certainly not always better.  It's just like how I attended my cousin's wedding this evening..... I wrote in their wedding card something that my husband and I have learned from our relationship - allow yourself to take in even the smallest of things in life together because those are the things that make memories and mean the most above all of those big things (good or bad) that happen in the journey.  Jesus gave each one of us a life to live with abundance and joy.... it is far too short to bypass those simple joys that only come if we stop long enough to enjoy and savor them.

I have a feeling if I ever had the chance to sit down and have a conversation with Laura Bush, we would have a great time just chatting about life.... I completely and thoroughly loved what she said about 'this is the life' because I think that so often, myself - even though those times are such simple times. They're my favorite.  :)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

These are the moments that take our breath away...

We just returned from a family vacation with my husbands entire immediate family on Saturday. Whew! Were we wiped! It was a great time, but it was also very stressful and interesting. I think we all figured out what we have to do differently next time - more time with just our little families and LESS time as a whole family... yes, needless to say, we all got very tired of each other very quickly. It's so funny though, we all love each other very much and enjoy each other's company greatly, but there were just way too many people with their ideas of what they want to do and their opinions that it got to be waaaay to much.

My main stress, however, emerged from trying to manage our little 13 month old son. We found out very quickly that he does not do well with caos. He would not sleep well, did not each much at all when we were with the entire family, and was just plain hard to deal with. Every single day we were on vacation, I was up at 5am because my son was up making noise and I did not want him to wake anyone. Yes, it was hard. My husband and I made the resolution that when we take this same vacation in two years (whether or not we have a second child in tow or not) we are getting our own room so that we can deal with our craziness without the stress of bothering anyone else!

Now, we did have fun times. My mother-in-law wanted the whole family to take an 'old time' picture.... so all 13 of us got dressed up in old time clothes and took one - Super FUN. The other highlight was watching our son eat a corndog all by himself for the very first time... priceless. He did a very good job - he didn't take way too big bites. He was very cautious about it but he polished the whole thing off all by himself. SO cute to watch... we were mesmerized watching him.  :)

Now, my point in all of this is THIS: don't ever think that any situation is ruined because a few hardships. If you do not take the time(even if it's just for a moment) to see the 'gems' in the situation, you'll miss the things worth collecting as priceless gems in your life. If I would have focused entirely on all of the stress and frustration of our vacation and not remembered the small events that made me stop and enjoy the ride... I would have counted the vacation as a total disaster. But the truth is, those small moments are what made me stop and smile the most. They are my most prized memories. This is exactly what God desires of us. To take every moment in with a grain of salt and be thankful. Thankful for the moments that take our breath away.  'This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it!'

Sunday, July 25, 2010

It was an interesting day yesterday. Very hot, sunny and well.... LOTS to do. You see, our whole family is going on vacation next week. (YAY!) I think.  :?  Anywho.... yes, we're going on vacation. I think that the official 'mother' role has officially kicked in as I went through our medicine cabinet and basically dumped it into our rough draft, if you will, of packing. Which I might add is an empty laundry basket for the time being... so, yeah, right now I have most of the medicine cabinet in a laundry basket and about half of my summer clothes in there (give or take some sweaters and a couple pairs of jeans in case of random cold weather of course - it's MN - you just never know!). We went through and cleaned out our SUV for the first time in forever.... it's amazing how much you can pack into your car over a year's time without realizing it until you clean it Vaccumed it out(!!!) And even put a new air freshner it it. Good as new. So, we had a pretty busy day... packing and cleaning. We never got our naps in like we intended. I don't know about you, but our family thrives on family naps.... I know I know, we're lame like that. But based on that, I thought we'd ALL sleep like babies last night.

WRONG. I know what you're thinking..... UH oh. What happened, right? Well, my son went to bed at 7:40ish in the p.m., and at 11:30pm he is wailing like he just lost his best buddy. So I go in there and pick him up. He's immediately calm as I snuggle him, holding him close to me. Then after a few minutes of me holding him close, he gestures that he wants to go back into his crib and then drifts off back to sleep.  Sigh.... well, that was easy. But, what was that all about? As I think about it now.... he just wanted to be close to his Mama for that moment. He suddenly wanted comfort and his mother's security. Once he did, everything was ok in his world again. :)  
Did you know that that is the relationship that your Heavenly Father desires so much to have with you? He so desperately wants us to look up at him and want His security and closeness. It is His love and peace that makes our world complete and right. Without his grace and love.... we have nothing. And when we do look to him for closeness, he picks us up with willing arms and holds us close with tender love just because he loves us. He is our eternal parent with unending love to hug us and love us always.... just as a mother/father with a child.

Tell him your thoughts, your fears, your joys, sorrows, pain..... he wants all of it. Your heart. Your gorgeous heart. Because He loves you.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

A tough one...

This has been a really hard week. Emotionally, mentally, spiritually.... hard. This week we learned of a tramatic occurance in our family that just trully shook me in every which way. There's no easy way to cope with something that is so disgusting and mind-boggling. I spend the entire week in total disbelief, shock, and anger. Anger that someone in MY family would have the audacity to do something so insane and disgusting. That they allowed lies to cloud their mind into fooling them that what they did was fine and ok. I still cannot wrap my mind around the issue.
This morning in church, I was faced head-on with an even harder task at hand. I had spent all week being ferousiously angry about the situation. Now, sitting in Sunday morning service about to take communion I suddenly realized that I could not wholeheartedly accept communion without first forgiving this person that committed such a wrong act. Even as harshly as I felt toward them and as much pain as I felt for the other parties involved.... somehow, I have to forgive. I had leaned over to my husband and said, 'I don't know if I can do this.... I can't take this communion and be so angry. I know I have to forgive before I accept this gift God's given me - I just don't know how to do it.'  My husband lovingly took my hand and whispered in my ear, "you're going to have to ask God to forgive that person and ask him to show YOU how to forgive them as well."  HOW???????  I don't know. I just don't know.

Well..... I prayed and asked God to forgive them and yes, show ME how to forgive them. I felt a peace about my act of forgiveness.  Then, the singing and worship began. Immediately when I began singing the words to the song we were singing..... I broke. I wept. I wept for the situation. I wept about what had happened. I wept for the healing that needed to happen for the parties involved. I wept for the redemption that needed to happen. I wept for our family. And I wept for the victory that God was going to restore upon the family and the person that persevered for so long in silence. I love my family. I love them so much it hurts. It broke and still breaks my heart about how deception is so evil and destructive. Yet, my God is bigger - SO much BIGGER than anything that can come against! I have to keep reminding myself that. And I have to pray that my family is reminded of that in such a powerful way more than ever right now.

To my family.... I LOVE YOU. SO MUCH. I LOVE YOU. I am constantly praying for you and with you in steadfast prayer. Please know that you are NEVER along. Your family is with you and loves you in all things. As Chris Tomlin writes in song:  'Our God is strength, awesome in power. Our God is healer, if our God is with us - then who can stand against...?'  I know you know this.... these are just the words that I am constantly reminded of since my time with the Lord today.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

These past couple of weeks I've been doing a lot of reflection. Reflection on the past, the present and the future. There are a lot of things about my past that are very sour memories for me - a  lot of people say that there isn't a thing they wouldn't take back or do over because it's made them who they are today. There is a lot of truth to that statement, however, if I were to say that to the fullest I would be saying that it doesn't matter that I've hurt people in those moments. People that I love and really do care for.... they are people that were innocent in the midst of my carelessness.
Now, I'm going to be brutally honest in stating that I can't say that I am 100% better than I was 10 years ago, because I know that would be a far cry from the truth. I am more aware of tactfulness now as an adult but yet, I sometimes lack in 'thinking before I speak' or even thinking about the tone of which I say something - OR even worse, the WORDING of how I say something - even if it is said out of complete kindness and very genuine. I am terrible, I know. I'll admit it now. I firmly believe that the majority of what comes out of my words and actions are pleasing to my Savior, but I cannot say that everything that comes out of my big mouth is always tactful. (So, I'm sorry if you were ever the recipient to my miscomings...) I didn't mean it - honest!

With that said, I remember what our pastor preached about in his message this past Sunday.... 'THINK before you speak.'  Oh that was such a 'Mel' message. Uggghhh. Guilty as charged. Did you know that Jesus works out of the words and actions of our mouths. He uses our encouraging and uplifting words to those we know and cross paths with? He uses that card that we sent in the mail to that frustrated or lowly friend of ours. He uses that little bouquet of flowers that we had sent to your beloved mother, sister or gal pal just to cheer her up or brighten her day. Or that 5 minute conversation you  had with a long time friend of many years...... something you said just made her long hard day a hundred times brighter.  See.... we have to ask God to help us be that shining star that he created and desperately wants us to be - even when we DON'T feel like it. We are called to be selfless beings to reach a dying world. He loves us soo SO much, how can we not be love in return?

I don't know every female who reads these messages I write.... or what her situation is at the moment. But I can say that I deeply love each and every one of you that reads them - because they are ALL for you. I love your heart, your deeply captivating heart. You were created for such a time as this and it is meant to be celebrated and loved. So, YAY you! Love you!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

The day of pure bliss...

It's been really busy the past couple of weeks.... preparing for a child's very first birthday party, family members buying and selling homes, moving family members into the homes newly purchased, parents falling at work or randomly (!!) and trying to be on the road to recovery. Yesterday, was a great day and very very busy I might add. Getting everything together for this big bang birthday and then putting the party on.... lugging home all of the grand presents bestowed upon my somewhat unknowing son (I smile at this...) and getting the job of cleanup completed so that my husband and I can finally heave a sigh of relief that we did it! It was so funny how we were working so hard to make everything so stinkin perfect for him, being that it is his very first birthday ever.... he really didn't know the difference either way. We can tell him about how it all went down, show him pictures of his first party and who came to celebrate his big day.
But truthfully, he won't remember a blink of it. So....... who cares, right? We did. It will be one year ago tomorrow that that amazing and eventful day came into our lives and we welcomed such a bright joyous life into OUR lives. It doesn't even feel like a year ago that I was in labor pretty much all day long, at 4:30 in the afternoon I had the worst back labor ever and those contractions - - whew! How strong and intense. I remember all of it vividly. Yet, all of that was wiped away when that precious little baby was placed into my arms the moment he came out and I was gazing into his eyes as he gazed into mine. He studied my eyes so intensely as I softly spoke to him..... he was so calm and peaceful the moment he emerged from my womb. He knew my voice, he knew my smell. Now, he was learning my eyes and my touch as they now corresponded with the voice he had grown to know for the previous nine months in my belly. How precious he was.... and how precious he grows to be each and every moment we lay eyes on him!

Truly, this recollection reminds me of how God looks at his daughters... we are his beautiful, beloved daughters. He created us with such vision and purpose. He knew exactly what he was doing when he formed each intricate detail of our hearts, our character, our personality... everything about us! And he just smiles at us so adoringly every time he gazes at us. He just loves us so so much! It is our very lives that he created and destined for us to live with greatness and beauty. He made us with such an amazing design that not one person can ever come close to replacing what he created in our lives. It is yours and yours alone. Take it and run with it.... no one else has the same gifts, skills, personality, or 'wiring' as you have. Embrace what he created it you and celebrate it in every which way you can. You are as unique as you allow yourself to be.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

If you're anything like me when you're under pressure or in a hurry due to schedules or deadlines, you're completely flustered and well, all over the place! You don't exactly think straight or realistically. Today, I was running errands in a mad dash because I had an appointment that I had to get to. My mother (as kind as she was) was watching my son for a few hours so I had pretty ample time to try and get these things done without too much delay. I got to one store in and out.... then it was off to the last store to make an exchange and dash out to get to my appointment on time with even time to spare. Or so I thought.

As I'm standing at the cashier line, I'm waiting for an available cashier. I waited for, I don't know, five minutes. Finally, a manager flagged me down to the very end of all of the cashiers to what looked like a very homely young man. It was pretty obvious that he was a little shy and lacked a certain amount of self confidence. So, in light of that, I tried to be extra nice to him even though I was really in a hurry to get out of there. He explained that he had to refund my initial purchase and then I would have to 'purchase' the new item in order to exchange... so I agreed. But then he paused, then stalled and looked very puzzled. Clearly, something was not right. I waited with anxiety to find out what the problem was.... he looked at me with a slightly fearful face and stated that he 'pushed the wrong button'.  Yes, I'll admit, my first thought was 'WHAT? Are  you kidding me?? C'mon, I'm so in a hurry here!'. But did I say this? Umm, of course not!  Did you think I was that rude? Really, I'm not.
Instead, I felt as though Jesus was reminding me of his compassion and love. To remember that this young man has a story. A story that I didn't know and that I should not punish him due to my own agenda. I felt convicted - very convicted that my first instinct was to give him a rather annoyed look and be incredibly snubbish to the fact that he clearly had no idea what he was doing and I was going to be late for my appointment. Friends, I had to repent for that level of thinking. I had no business thinking or feeling that way. It wasn't his fault I had this appointment to get to in 10 minutes. It wasn't his fault that my patience level plummeted when he hit the wrong key on his register. No...... and I knew better.

How often do we think or feel so selfishly because of someone else's mistakes or downfalls when we can earnestly practice compassion and love. Is selfishness part of our beauty? No, it is not in our DNA as women after God's own heart. Love, compassion, grace and mercy, however are. These are the qualities that God desires for us to practice daily as his daughters and as his beloved. Take a step back from your first instinct and take the road less traveled..... love like you've never loved.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Think about it...

Amidst all of the craziness that life has to dish out to my family and I.... making a large purchase (our DREAM land), planning birthday parties, playdates, attending birthday parties-weddings-graduations, the daily grind and everything else in between... it has occurred to me once again that despite how the world seems to be in a blunder, life is good if you look at it that way.  Even though each day has it's share of 'uh-oh's' and 'OH boy.... what are we gonna do 'bout this one?!?', there is always something to be thankful for and having the ability to remember that such a time as this is a precious and cherished moment. We may not have all the money in the world and don't have the ability to do everything we wish we could - - but we are healthy (aside for all of our aches and pains due to the wonderful aging process :), happy, have a great roof over our head, have vehicles that are mostly dependable and get us from point A to point B.... my husband has a job that provides and I am able to bring in a little at times myself. Our son is a happy little boy that just loves us because we love the bejeebers out of him! And my husband and I...... well, we are more in love now than the day we were married.  We are a blessed people. And I am blessed to be able to say that.

How often do you take the time to just look at your life regardless of all the shoulda couldas and wishes, and understand just how fortunate and truly blessed you are? I mean really, even if you have a little cold or you are very prego and just once you wish you could keep something down!, you will build immunity to that cold... and thank God that you are housing such a precious life inside of  you! What a gift from God! 
I look at myself in the mirror in the morning just after waking up and I'm like, "sheesh! where'd YOU come from?!' but truthfully, God made me beautiful. He made you beautiful. Your heart and your exterior appearance.... it is a stunning picture!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Girl Time

Today was an interesting day. My son was just not himself. He was tired, I was tired. He was beyond cranky, yet didn't want to take much for naps. Ugh. Just another one of those days. Part of my worry today was the fact that I felt as though he may not have been feeling like himself, it was rainy and gloomy outside... yet we were supposed to be going to meet up at a playdate that morning and also go to the doctor to find out WHY he didn't act himself. I just wanted sleep. I just wanted peace. It just wasn't happening... not on my son's clock, that is!
We wound up going to our little playdate. And thank God we did. I was reminded today of  how much I need to have positive female relationships in my life. Even if I have to have my child in tow. Regardless of being a sweaty, dingy mommy  - or being a single young woman - female connections are vital! It was a breath of fresh air today to connect on a womanly, female level with another human adult female. Someone who shared my faith level, my passion for life, and who had simular views on the world we live in and the importance of our female hearts. Girls..... we need this. We do. As much as we try our darnest to be strong through all of life's circumstances, it is so very important to make connections with the other females we have in our lives. If you do not have these types of connections... pray for them to come into your life and go out and make friends with these types of ladies.

Our hearts are meant to love, to nurture, to have deep connections with those we love and care for. Yet, if we do not make a daily connection with God as well as with other women who share our heart's desire... we begin to fall short in who we are as the female heart. Take time to have coffee with the girls or go for a short walk with a close gal pal of yours. Make that connection and make it a priority. You'll be so glad you did - I promise!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ever had a 'BAM!' ??

Today was one of those 'ho-hum' days.... rainy, gloomy and just really laid back. Days like that just really do not give me much motivation to go out and do much. You know, with it being so wet out and all. But then you get a little bit of cabin fever and you're all 'oh my goodness - I have got to get out of this house and get some fresh air before I melt to death!' Totally what my day was like today!
Yet, do you ever find that days like that make you think more?? Or am I just the normal weirdo....?? Uhh... I heard that! Ok. Fine. I'm a weirdo, I can admit it. Alright, so, here I am on the computer browsing various stores for what I hope to be my son's potential birthday gift from my hubby and I when BAM! All of a sudden this really interesting and crazy message comes to my mind. And it is a message that I heard a couple of days ago in Sunday morning service. Now, I don't want you to think that whatever I hear on a Sunday morning in chuch goes in one ear and out the other, because it doesn't. Honest! But... it seems that I will hear it and know that it applies to me and think, man, what a great message! Then, that same day.... it has left my train of thought and then it happens. Like that 'BAM!' I I told you about.. only it happens like three days later. It suddenly becomes so real and evident in my life and in my heart.

Here it is. You know how in life, we females like to mix everything we do together... you know.. we multi task everything. Yet, often times, we mix way too much of things that are not pure and not glorifying to God in our everyday mix. Well, the truth is, those things that are not edifying do NOT mix. Which is why that life mix doesn't quite work out for us. Not for our lives, our hearts, or our souls. And the worst part is, if we don't recognise it, it can contaminate not only our lives but also our relationships and those that we love and those we interact with. The worst part is, it can damage so much more than we can ever be aware of.  Scary isn't it?  Personally, I think so. It made me really think about what is in my life and in my thoughts that does not need to be there. What should I ADD to my life that encourages purity and that glorifies God? The answer.... Prayer and Persistance. There is another one, but, I will save that for the next post.

Think about it. If prayer was the first thing you concentrated on, even though it may seem small, it truly would turn into a big difference if you practiced it every day.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

When I was in High School, I used to think 'I can't wait for the day that I am done with school!' It was a long awaited day - yet it was out of haste. I was thinking about that today as I was going about my day wondering if there was anything I would have done differently. Actually, it was my husband that triggered my thoughts towards that direction as he asked me the other day if there was anything from my high school years that I would go back and change if I had the chance. Somehow, I'd never really taken the time to consider such things. I just remember that I did not enjoy my time there, I was not exactly a popular kid and I really didn't care who I portrayed while I was there, either.
Yet, knowing that in the beginning of my junior year of High School my life had taken a dramatic change forever. I had made a life changing decision that would eternally affect my entire countenance. Considering that fact, my friends had not really changed too much. My social status did not change at all. I still didn't go to prom or have a boyfriend (sheesh... if I would have, that would have been pretty interesting to say the least!) And.... I still did not like school. Interestingly enough, I remember partly dreading school simply because I had to ride the bus to school. I never - no NEVER got to drive myself to school. I still look back on that and think it was pretty lame! Yea, I know, cry me a river.....

So, as I'm reflecting on my areas of change if I could go back.... based on how I changed on the inside, I wish I would have taken under consideration the legacy I could have left behind. Truly. I did not take seriously how much I could have made a positive impact on my school mates. I did not make it my mission to reach out to anyone. To be an encouragement, uplifter, or a positive reinforcer. I did not make myself known to people that I loved them or cared about them. I simply went about my day in the usual way without a care about anyone else's day or their story. There were so many people in my school that carried around broken hearts, bitterness, pain, anger, unforgiveness, etc etc. I did not take the initiative to be a vessel of love the way I could have.  If I could go back, I would have been the best possible vision of love and compassion to the people I saw everyday in my school. I would have left an unmistakeable legacy.

Maybe you're done with school for the year or you are graduating and moving on to college. What type of legacy did you leave with your classmates? What kind of example do you carry as you walk those halls? Is it a positive and impactful example? Even in your life with your friends and family.... strive to be the best version of you. Is there anything you would do differently to ensure it's a great one? You have the ability to be amazing and impactful on every person you know and cross paths with. It comes with your heart and what is deep within you. Discover that dazzling personality of yours and put it to good use to make someone else feel incredible. The more you bring out someone else's greatness, the more incredible you feel!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Yeah, that's what I thought you said...

It's funny how the sun shining outside and the warm weather dictates how well the day can go. Like if it's rainy outside... for a moment I think, 'well so much for a fun day outside..', when I could be thinking 'yea, what a great rainy day - bake cookies, watch some Elmo's World with the babe, rainy naps, etc, etc.'  So, why can't that be my first reaction?? The same goes for my husband. The rain comes and he's all, 'what a crappy day!' Until his patient load doubles that day!!  :)  Funny.  And then Facebook.... HA! Apparently a lot of my Facebook friends do not like rain...  if only it could be warm and sunny all year 'round. Ok, so we don't live in sunny Arizona or Cali-fornia. We live in Minneeessooooota. Did I get it right, ya'all??  Ok. So I tried. :P  

ANYWHO.... as I was saying! So today is one of those blah-blah days, meaning, it's not entirely sunny outside but it is not raining and it is quite warm. What kind of day is it going to be? Here's my ho-hum answer..... you make it a great day. What's that?? I didn't quite hear you - did you say, you MAKE it a great day? Yep. You heard me. Girls, we must look at every day we wake up and have breath like it's our only day to shine. It is the day you were created to be the most amazing version of you. Exersize those smile muscles often, kick your attitude up a notch and try on those heels you've been eyeing in your closet.

This is the day the Lord has made.... let us rejoice and be glad in it!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I had an interesting weekend over the Memorial holiday.. lots of relaxing along with a lot of socializing. I am the type of person that enjoys peace as well as quiet, however, when you are married to an extrovert - too much peace and quiet is not a good thing. In fact, it'll drive them absolutely bonkers not to mention antsy. I realized this on Saturday afternoon as we really had planned to stay low and enjoy the weather and simply be a nice little family with our baby son. Yet, the slower our day got, the antsier my hubby got. I told him, 'honey, if you've got that much ants in your pants then go for a motorcycle ride or something... all your pacing is driving ME up the wall!'  So, on to the motorcyle he went. Much to my surprise, five minutes later he returned with a very disappointed look on his face. "It's going to RAIN." he muttered. Well, so much for that. Needless to say, the rest of our weekend just flew by only because we had a wedding, graduations and a family gathering all within the next day or two.
It had occured to me at the wedding we attended that was nearly three hours away (imagine that with an 11 month old... oiy!!), that I was going to enjoy this wedding because truthfully, I do enjoy weddings for the sake that the two people that are pledging their faithfulness and undying love for one another are going to begin a new journey as husband and wife and choose each other over the rest of the world's point of view. And honestly, I didn't get to see the ceremony (the baby thing, you know) but I did get to see how much fun the bride and groom have together and it made me smile to think that they could potentially open up a whole new world for their family someday-- to have their cake and eat it too!
Now, what my point is here today, is that in the midst of all of this mushy-gushy stuff is the  fact that my mind kinda trailed off for a time while at this beautiful wedding. At some point, I felt out of sorts due to the social aspect. I felt judged... as though people knew something that I didn't and they avoided me like the plague - some not all, though, I must say. But it occured to me the other day.... who cares? Really! Does it really matter what people think - of me??  No, it really doesn't. Why? Because I know who I am and I know that I am loved greatly by those that DO matter. My Jesus, first and foremost. Secondly, my hubby, my son, my family and in-laws, dear dear friends, etc.  Furthermore... I know exactly who I am because of Jesus Christ. He has made me beautiful, witty, bright, intelligent, gifted, and has blessed me tremendously.

SO, the next time you feel downsized by the world around you..... look around. Look at the people who love you and look at YOU. Remember what you are capable of and what you have been blessed with. And remember what a very significant person had said, 'No one can make you feel inferior without your concent.'  - Eleanor Roosevelt.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

That's love for you

Yesterday I was in the car and I heard this song. The lyrics to this song just moved me. It is a love song, but not your average love song.... it is a love song from God to us. It reaffirms his love for me everytime I hear it that I can't help but sing along with it -- loudly.

I Love You More - - by Matthew West

Take a look at the mountains

Stretching a mile high
Take a look at the ocean
Far as your eye can see
And think of Me
Take a look at the desert
Do you feel like a grain of sand?
I am with you wherever
Where you go is where I am
And I'm always thinking of you
Take a look around you
I'm spelling it out one by one

I love you more than the sun
And the stars that I taught how to shine
You are mine, and you shine for me too
I love you yesterday and today
And tomorrow, I'll say it again and again
I love you more

Just a face in the city
Just a tear on a crowded street
But you are one in a million
And you belong to Me
And I want you to know
That I'm not letting go
Even when you come undone

I love you more than the sun
And the stars that I taught how to shine
You are mine, and you shine for me too
I love you yesterday and today
And tomorrow, I'll say it again and again
I love you more
I love you more

Shine for Me
Shine for Me
Shine on, shine on
Shine for Me

I love you more than the sun
And the stars that I taught how to shine
You are mine, and you shine for me too
I love you yesterday and today
And tomorrow, I'll say it again and again
I love you more

Than the sun
and the stars that I taught how to shine
You are mine, and you shine for me too
I love you, yesterday and today
Through the joy and the pain
I'll say it again and again
I love you more
I love you more

And I see you
And I made you
And I love you more than you can imagine
More than you can fathom
I love you more than the sun
And you shine for me

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Yes, yes... it's been a while hasn't it. I know, you've missed me haven't you? I've missed me, too. With all of lifes pressures and daily grind, does it ever make you wonder how we come out alive? Sheesh. I know I wake up in the morning knowing that I have got to make it the best day I possibly can. And yet, I am still human.. I get caught up with the 'curve balls' as we know them. It's not always a walk in the park, sadly. However, I fully acknowledge that my life has merit and meaning and that it is entirely up to me to put it to good use. You see, life is all about choices. It's all about making choices that can make or break my life and effect not only my wellbeing but also the wellbeing of my family, my children as well as possibly people I would have never of guessed.
When we go about our day, we must be consistantly aware that as women, as people and as individuals we owe it to ourselves and to those we love and may not even know to truly understand that our lives have meaning. They do. Great purpose, actually. The choices we make - even if they seem very simple ones have a signifcant affect on the outcome of everything we do. For instance, who you choose for your friends has a great impact on who you are and who you become. Their influence on you is greater than you think. Who you choose to date is huge. Is this guy someone whom you could see yourself marrying? If they are not... then why date them... truly? When you choose a man to marry - - is he someone who brings out the best in you or causes you to stagnate in your life? Does he encourage you to pursue your dreams, desires, goals? To be the best you can be?
These are real honest questions to ask yourself. Surround yourself with positive, uplifting and encouraging people. Those who are not can only break you, not make you. Keep in mind that your heart is the most important part about you... if you allow a source of discouragement or destruction enter into your heart it can be difficult to overcome that. You must love you and who you are to love those around you. Allow yourself to discover the greater parts of who you are. You deserve to live life - beautifully!

Thursday, May 20, 2010


My mom and I had a short visit today while my son was having a descent afternoon....being that he was in good spirits it made it easy to have a relatively positive experience out and about. I've noticed something lately about my relationship with my mother..... that it works. As a teen, I was one of those rather rebellious souls that couldn't have cared less if I melded well with the parental units and more often than not - I was at odds with them. More specifically, my mother was the hardened culprit of my misfortune in my eyes. It was the smoldering of female hormones mixed with all the bitter feelings that I soured towards the world around me. It was never my fault, it was always her fault. Even when my friends were always arguing, my grades were horrible and I had cigarette lighters hidden above the ceiling tiles of my always private bedroom. Yes, it was my sanctuary, but really... what in the world was I planning to do with those doggone lighters? I didn't even know, truthfully, would I light the house on fire?? God only knows. Thankfully, my parents (both of them, mind you) found them before I could do any damage with that stupid idea. Obviously I had a lot of helk to pay for even having them in my possession and in my room, I might add. Whenever I was questioned, lectured, 'bossed around' or whatever... I never ever had a reasonable excuse for my misgivings. It was always my angry, bitter attitude that was the issue. I hated the world and the world I lived in.

But you know, as I said before, there's always a silver lining. Whether you choose to find it is up to you. Back then, I really didn't care. Truthfully, the only time I ever felt really loved when I was a kid - was never. When I was interested in guys as a teen, I wasn't attracted to the guys who seemed to have a real interest in ME. It was always the guys that I deemed as 'hot' who really didn't pay me the time of day. Too bad! I look back on those days and think, 'if I would have known what I know now....' 
What I am getting at here is that there is so much more worth to our hearts and our lives than meets our own eyes. I had never looked at myself and thought... I am worth so much! No, I didn't. And no one ever really tried to make me believe that either. But, I am going to tell you that right now - - YOU are worth SO MUCH!  You may have so much weighing on your shoulders these days. You may not even really look at your parents and think that they really love you. I will tell you this, however, regardless of how you feel about yourself and the world around you... you are loved. You are valued and you are desired. By Jesus. He made you, he formed you, and he made you perfect in his image. And because of that, girl, you are beautiful.

Do not let the world around you make you small and insignificant. You are gorgeous and significant. You are loved. And you are treasured.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Imagine this

It's been said that the sanctity of life begins at conception. Where the beginning of life takes place and is completely new. It is where we as creatures of the human race take our position in life - in the womb. It is where God formed us, shaped us and molded us into his likeness. We were perfect, irredescent, and irreplaceable at this stage of our lives. As we grew in our mother's womb, we were completely dependent upon our mother. We ate what she ate. We had the warmth of her body for protection and the comforts of her body against harm. We could hear the outside world, like the sound of the vacuum or the dog barking every time the mail man delivered the daily mail just outside the front door.... it is the perfect setup to begin adjusting to the outside world, isn't it? There wasn't a single thing from the outside world that could touch us. Nothing. It was just our job to grow and become a healthy living being. We thrived.

Does it ever make you wonder what goes on inside the mind of a brand new baby once they've emerged into the outside world brand new from their mother's womb? I wondered it the very moment my son was laid into my arms just after giving birth to him. His eyes met mine... he and I stared into each other's eyes, studying them, fixating on them. Yet, he was so very calm. As if he definately knew the voice behind the eyes that stared back at him. There was a very strong bond that formed at that very moment.

Girls, this......... this is the very bond that your Heavenly Father desires from us. Our hope, our lives, our breath comes from him. Our hearts were formed by him. Just as we were dependent upon our mothers from the time that we were conceived, it is our hearts that are dependent upon Jesus. He is our validation, our comfort, our peace.. he longs to have that strong bond in our hearts for us to live in the freedom that he truly desires for us. Our value and belonging is our core, yet, he is creator of our value. How beautiful. Beautiful you.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Who we are

Did your mother ever look at you when you were in trouble as a child and say, 'who do you think you are?' When she asked that very question, everything in your will wanted to say something back but you knew the better part of  you best just keep your mouth shut or it wasn't going to end well... yes, I had my moments as a child. Many times. (as I chuckle) I want to say I was an innocent child.. the little angel that I was... AHEM! But really, I gave my parents a lot of helk to deal with. I was very much in a state of rebelliousness growing up with not much of a limit or boundaries of what I could say or not say. Truth was, I didn't really feel good about myself or life in general. Why? I allowed the world to tell me my worth and my value - - and not God. I didn't know what it meant to be a female. To embrace the feminine heart.

Femininity is depth and mystery and complexity, with beauty as the very essence. Every woman has a beauty to unveil. Every woman. Because she bears the image of God. She doesn't have to conjure it, go get it from a salon, have plastic surgery, or get her teeth capped. Beauty is an essence that is given to every woman at her creation.  So, the next time you look in the mirror or are just thinking to yourself and ideas of invalue flood your mind, please remember this: Your beauty is already a part of who you are.... you just need to tap into it and embrace it. It's the fiber of who you are inside. Outwardly what you see is simply what enhances the essence of which you carry in your precious heart.

Search your heart and your soul. Begin to understand and unveil the majesty of what moves you - and love you! Once you capture the true you and revel in that... it'll begin to pour out of you. Let your beauty be unveiled.

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Silver Lining

Ever have moments when you wish you could just crawl up into a ball and just be invisible to the world? Where everything in your life seems to be just pear shaped? I had one of those moments for about all of last week. You name it, it happened... and it all came crashing down like a ton of bricks. Where do you find the comic relief in there. Oh... I had it, but then just when I was about to read the most HILARIOUS story out of the Parents magazine I somehow carved out a few minutes to read to my husband (only cause I knew that with our sense of humor - - he would have laughed histerically just like I did..) it was literally snatched away from me before I even had a chance to say Uncle. Yes... I was deeply and utterly distraught. I had nothing to look to for even a smidgen of a smile, a smirk or not even a chuckle. Ever have those days?? Instead, he had to watch the very important interview with this basketball star that had just won his team the last three points they needed to score in the playoffs....blah, blah BLAH. I know what you're thinking. Get over it woman!! But seriously, this is not about my wines and gripes. Really, it's not.

This, my dear, is about the silver lining. It is the silver lining that we each need to find when life presents itself in such a fashion that at the moment seems quite unbearable and 'OMG... will I ever survive this?!'  YES. Yes, you will. And how do I know? Because Jesus promised us that we would never endure more than we can handle. But, we have to trust in him to see the lush valley at the other end. He gave us hearts that are made to love, to nurture, gentleness and grace. Beauty beyond understanding along with the ability to pour on the understanding and ears that listen like no other. I had a hard time seeing the brighter side of things, only because I had moments of pure fear. Truthfully though, that fear is not a part of who I am nor who I was created to be. I had to look past the present and what stood before me and understand that there was a bigger picture than what I was choosing to focus on. I am better than that. And so are you! There is a silver lining to everything. Yes... I mean everything. You just have to choose to see it and remember it. That silver lining might just be your comic relief when you need it most - - it was mine!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Alabaster Room

It is nightfall and imagine you are sitting in the home of a very good friend of yours who is having a nice dinner gathering to just enjoy everyone's company. Everyone is sitting at the table enjoying themselves- having fine food, conversing and taking in the good company. When in comes a woman, long tousled hair from the day's work. She has a pleasant appearance about her as she walks in the room past each friend visiting. She walks slowly and gracefully but with purpose... her eyes shine as she makes her way to the guest of honor. In her hands, she holds a beautiful, distinguished jar filled with expensive perfume. Carefully and gently she holds the jar in her hands as to not waste a single drop of this divine ointment. As she makes her way closer to her desired guest, a beautiful smile emerges, as though she is carrying an intriguing secret.  Then, as she stands before Jesus, she gingerly lifts the jar she is holding and slowly pours the delicate ointment over his head as it beads down his head and hair.
This beautiful jar, this jar filled with such expensive perfume was the only possession that the woman felt carried any value of her - and she used it to show Jesus her love and adoration for him. That is all she felt she had to show how much she loved him. And that was her worship to him. The disciples scoffed at her for 'wasting' such expensive perfume and pouring all over Jesus' head. Yet, Jesus was in awe of her selfless action towards him. He knew that she took the only thing that she felt she had of value and honored him with that.

Thus... The Alabaster Room. It is a dedication for the female heart to celebrate their value, their beauty, their feminine heart. To have joy in the fact that indeed, the female heart is to be cherished, loved and celebrated. That you matter to Christ. You were formed with a great purpose and everything that you possess is worthy to bring to the table as a form of love. To love God, to love your family, to love yourself. It is priceless, timeless, breathtaking, gorgeous, beautiful... girl, the list could go on and on. Literally. So... don't waste the possessions you have in your heart. That's what The Alabaster Room is all about.... being that place to embrace all that you are - - in your beautiful heart.

Matthew 26:7-10

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mirror Mirror on the Wall..

Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought that you weren't sure if you liked what you saw or even knew what you saw looking back at you?  And no, I am not not talking about that huge zit on your forehead saying 'Surprise! I found you!' for the whole world to see. Truthfully, it was years before I could honestly look at myself in the mirror and say, "Hey - I know you!" and have the confidence of knowing that I knew exactly who that reflection belonged to and being proud that it was ME. So much of the outside world comes in and corrupts our thoughts and minds about who we are and what we look like on the inside out. It shouldn't have to be that way. It really doesn't. Some would say, 'a strong woman wouldn't have that problem'.  OH Puulleeasse! Gag me. Since when is it up to a female to be strong. Girls, yes, we are a strong species.... we have a protective and nurturing nature about us when it comes to our families and what we value. However, our hearts are lovely, beautiful, tender and long for intimacy and adventure.

It is not up to the world, per say, to define our reflection in the mirror. It is what we allow to define our hearts and our minds. Does this surprise you? It shouldn't. The voices we allow ourselves to hear say, 'Try harder', so we bury our hearts and try to get on with life. Yet, that's not the wise thing to do, scriptures tell us that the heart is central.

"Above all else, guard your heart, for is the wellspring of life"  Proverbs 4:23

Your heart is the core of who you are. Your heart as a woman is the most important thing about you. It is what defines your femininity - truly.  Today, as you are folding a load of laundry or doing the dishes... take a moment to ponder on what is in the inner most part of heart. What are your dreams or deepest desires? What makes you shine and radiate beauty? Do not be afraid to take a moment for YOU. You are worth every moment of every day and you are of tremendous value to the world. Without you, the world around you would not be the same.

“You should be known for the beauty that comes from within, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is so precious to God. -1 Peter 3:4

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's happened...

Well well well. Today I have the case of writer's block. I sit here at my computer thinking, 'what the helk am I going to write about today????' Usually, I have something running through my heart before I even sit down to the computer... and it usually just comes pouring out. But today, all I can think about is the rain, the crazy weird dreams I was having last night (and NO... I am NOT prego.. in case some of you were wondering), and well, gosh, I haven't had lunch yet so what am I gonna have? But doesn't it ever make you wonder if our minds as women will have have a moment to just 'stop'? As if we'll ever take the moment that sits right in from of us to just -stop thinking-??  Ummmm..... not in this lifetime!  HA! Isn't it true though? We're known for our multi-tasking skills and how we somehow manage to balance the whole world on our shoulders.
Even so, we have so many balls that we are managing in the air, if just one person tried to catch one of those balls - - our whole world would crumble into little eetsy beetsy pieces. It would wouldn't it...  that's just how we are. Yet, in the midst of that, our hearts are longing to just be held and told that it's all going to be ok. That no matter what life seems to throw at us faster than a speeding bullet, it's really going to be alright.

You see, that's what we want to hear. That's what we need to know. Our hearts were made to love and to nurture. Our minds do not slow down to hear the 'it's ok', our minds are racing to BE the it's ok. But do you want to know what's so great about how our hearts and minds operate? We were created to be like that. We were!  We possess a heart that just overflows with the need to pour out love and to nurture, yet, we also need it. We were created to love and be loved. To be beautiful and reveal beauty. God gave us the ability to show love yet need His love. His love is what provides everlasting fullfillment in who we are and what purpose we were created for. He is what makes it all 'ok' in our lives regardless of what is being thrown at us. As he promises, 'cast your cares upon the Lord and he will bring you rest'. 

When you need a moment to let your busy mind to wander, let Him have your cares and your heart. Allow him to renew your mind and your heart. Without a renewed heart and mind, it can be difficult to focus on the woman you were meant to be. You are a vision, you really are. Show the world who you are with a clear heart and mind and then watch how you change the world around you. Put on one of your favorite outfits, try on a new lipstick or that nail polish! Now, put on that gorgous smile before you step out your front door... your best day yet is on the horizon.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Calling all women!

What do you see when you look into the eyes of a child? Really... There is something truly magnificent about looking into the eyes of a child and knowing that our creater had a breathtaking image in mind. HIS image. In fact I look into the eyes of my son and I am constantly reminded of how perfect and pure he is regardless of how much drool he has surrounding his mouth and how his nose is full of snot. Just because he's teething and has every possible fluid exploding out of him, he's perfect in every way. He doesn't know any better. And then when he catches my eye with that four-toothed smile.... it makes my heart melt. God is good.

This innocence and pure heart is exactly what God intended for us as we walk our lives with him. Every child is born with this kind of heart and it is this heart and purity that God desires for us and his children as well. Scripture is chalk full of examples of how he wishes for us to have the 'heart of a child' when it comes to our faith and our desire for the things of God.
"Let the children come to me. For the kingdom of God belongs to such as these."  Mark 10:14
Jesus wanted us to know that the faith of a child is highly desirable to God because their hearts and minds have not been corrupted by the mind of the world but completely pure with love for Christ. This is the very heart that God desires of us. To love him and put our faith in him without hesitancy or restraint.

As Mother's Day was just yesterday, I'm sure many women were celebrated for their nuturing and loving hearts. If you are a mother or about to be a mother, take a moment to look into your child's eyes or even imagine looking into your child's eyes... their eyes are full of love - for you. Purely and innocently. Even if they are older and don't always feel like they looovvveee you..... rest assured Mom, in their heart of hearts - they love you. A LOT.  As does Jesus Christ. More than you know.

So, ladies, as you read this.... you are remarkable. As a woman, a wife, fiance, girlfriend, friend, daughter, sister, grandmother, and yes... mother. Keep shining because you are loved!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ever wondered what would happen if you were able to be a fly on the wall in your school, in your place of work or even in your own home? First of all, knowing me and my clumsiness, I wouldn't even last on the wall! HA! Oh wait, did I say that out loud? Anywho... back on track here. I've had moments where I often wonder this. I guess it comes from watching that all too famous movie that I watch every Christmas - It's a Wonderful Life. Ever seen it? Ahh!! It gets me everytime I watch it. You've gotta see it, just once... for me.

It's about a man named George Bailey who takes over his father's financial business when he passes away. Well, there's a money-hungry banker in town who's always had his greedy eyes on George's bank. When George winds up in business trouble thanks to his Uncle, he's at a complete and desperate loss. He jumps off a bridge only to be rescued by his guardian angel, Clarence.  Clarence takes him through a journey that walks him through his lifetime where he doesn't even exist! How different things were without his existance... now, he winds up praying to God at the end saying he wants his life back because he didn't like seeing where his town and family was without him.

Now, the cool thing about this movie was that George got an unusual gift - he was able to witness what the world around him was like without his presence there. It was not so great... it showed him that he definately had a place in his society and in the lives of the people around him. At the end of the movie, it was Christmas Eve and his lovely wife, Mary, went and gathered people from the community that George had helped over the years with the building and loan company that he ran. As he sat in his living room with his wife and children.... the people came pouring in - with money - to help him keep his business and family afloat. And each and every one of those people had wonderful things to say to him as they walked in to bless him! The funnest part - his angel, Clarence, finally got his wings!

What impact do you make on the people around you - whether you know them or not? If you were a fly on the wall, what would they say about you? Would your world be dramatically different if you did not exist? What kind of legacy do you leave? I have to ask myself the same questions... however, I challenge you to truly take a closer look at what image you are portraying to your significant other, your children, your family, friends, co-workers/employer, even strangers. Your actions, your language, even your thoughts. Tricky, isn't it? Even the littlest things make a huge difference! God calls us to purity and holiness... to be a direct reflection of his heart toward his children. As women, we have a unique opportunity to reflect that in such a beautiful and dignified way... so shine on, ladies, shine on!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


This is an insert from '':

Observations on in-laws

Me: I thought you understood going into this that we're a glass half empty kind of family.

Jon. No, no, no, no, no.

Me: Why are you shaking your head like that?

Jon: Because I did think you guys were glass half empty people, when in reality all of you are THE GLASS IS TOTALLY EMPTY people.

Me: I see your point, but when the glass really is empty we aren't disappointed. We're like, see? We like to be right.

Jon: And then the longer I know all of you I realize that if you even talk about the glass, the glass will explode.

Me: Which is why I'm protectively covering my head while having this conversation with you.

Quiet please!!

As I sit in my quiet living room to eat my breakfast... I smile. This is nice. It makes me appreciate the moments that I get like this when the babe is resting peacefully without a battle (yea!!) and I get a little bit of down time to relax and enjoy the peace of knowing that yes, I am capable of being a good mom and feeling confident in that. Even more... feeling confident in my womanhood. Does that sound weird? 'Womanhood'?  It shouldn't. We women do a lot in our daily lives. That's not to say, "I am woman, hear me roar!!". No, not at all. But what I am saying is, take pride and blessing in being a woman and possessing a feminine heart.
I used to think before I even became pregnant that I could possibly lose myself in motherhood and being a wife. That I would drown in the responsibilites of everything that suggested and forget what made me - ME.
The truth of the matter is that whether you are a mother or not, celebrate who you are as an individual, your character, personality, your talents and gifts, your nurturing heart, your passions, even your quirks. Yes, I know you have some of those, too, so don't kid yourself.  ;)

So, based on that, when I was pregnant with my son I made a purposeful effort to allow myself to enjoy who I was - even with prego brain! But now that I have these moments to reflect and relish my time like this, I appreciate those efforts even more. Yet, maybe you don't think you have any traits or gifts about yourself to enjoy... you sure do! You might just have to take a few moments to allow yourself to think about what your heart truly finds joy in. Maybe they are things that are a little more unorthodox or uncommon - which is completely wonderful, too. That's what makes you incredibly amazing! God did not make mistakes when he created you. Scripture states that you are fearfully and wonderfully made - really!!

Take a few moments and revel at YOU. Write a list if you need to and hang it on the refrigerator or on your mirror so that you see it and see it often. It will remind you daily of how fantastic and fabulous you are.

Much Love, mel

Monday, May 3, 2010

Stubborn as a mule

I sometimes wonder if payback is really as cracked up to be as they say it is.... cause if it is, I'm in for a real dousey! (wince) As I'm what feels like constantly struggling to put my son down for a nap, it occurs to me (funny how I get this right around Mother's Day) that as my son is less than a peach with going to sleep during daylight hours, I was about as sour as a bad apple to my own mother as a kid. My, God must  have some serious hindsight for me. As I'm trying to train my son that 'night-night' means GO TO SLEEP, I'm recollecting the conversation my mother and I had on the phone not too recently where she said, "you might just have to pray for patience".  That in my mind is a recipe for disaster! Why? You might ask... it has been known from many a conversation I have had with believers and non-believers in Christ that I've known that when one asks God for patience.... it is tested to the BRINK!  as I chuckle... is it really something I need to be tested with? Can't God just grant me patience when I need it? Gosh, why do things always have to be so difficult? I've always had to learn things the hard way it seems. And no.. this is not me having a pity party or just complaining. This is me saying, 'hey - wake up and smell the roses!'  - - - to myself.

Honestly, everything comes with a lesson in life. My son, is that lesson. Where's the significance here? Well, I'll tell you.  :)   Even though at the very moment I am listening to the baby monitor waiting for my son to quit wailing for me to come and get him but rather for him to get tired of waiting and just lie back down and go to sleep.... I am thinking of patience and how I keep telling myself to not go to the place of frustration.... again. God is whispering to me to continue to love that little boy and that patience comes with persistance. He's also telling me that I am the very mother that that little monkey in there needs and that God created me just for him and vise versa. Never mind his stubborn as a mule personna. Scripture says to 'Train a child as they should go and they will not wander.' So, with scripture in my heart and on my tongue, and love as my guidance I will be the mother that God has made me to be and train my child in the way he should go.

What does God say to you about your weaknesses? No matter where you are in your life, your weakness if overcome do not break you but make you.... that is if you give them to God to mold for his likeness. I challenge you to take your weaknesses by the horns and channel them to positiveness. Change your world and change your life.

With Love, mel

Friday, April 30, 2010

An Invitation

Ever remember the stories we read in the books and in the cute movies we watched as little girls? Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast...?? How she was tormented in the beginning or had to go through the hardest of times to get to her 'ever after'? After everything she had to go through, its a wonder they ever made it out alive so much as even with a smile on her face and a song on her tongue. I don't know about you, but when I was a little girl I certainly re-enacted most of those princesses in my playtime. I wanted to be the princess. Why? Every girls' young heart intuitively wants to know that they are lovely. Not only that, but I wanted to marry my hansome prince and live happily ever after! But as I got a bit older (and wiser) the storybook ending became much deeper than just what they tell you in the story itself. There's so much more to it than that...

It isn't just about makeup and dresses. It's about recognizing that a woman yearns to be seen and to be thought of as 'captivating'. We truly desire to possess a beauty that is worth pursuing, worth fighting for, and a beauty that is core to who we truly are. God gave us desires in our heart that are there for a reason. They are the key to revealing the secret of who we really are and the purpose in life that we were meant to live out - a purpose meant for you and you alone. He didn't place these desires in your heart to torment you - they were placed in your heart to guide and draw you into discovering the woman he made you to be, and the life he created you to live.

'Delight yourself in the Lord,
and he will give you the desires of your heart'
Psalm 37:4

I invite you to embrance the feminine heart inside you and ask God to reveal the beauty and purpose in you.

My love, mel