Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Imagine this

It's been said that the sanctity of life begins at conception. Where the beginning of life takes place and is completely new. It is where we as creatures of the human race take our position in life - in the womb. It is where God formed us, shaped us and molded us into his likeness. We were perfect, irredescent, and irreplaceable at this stage of our lives. As we grew in our mother's womb, we were completely dependent upon our mother. We ate what she ate. We had the warmth of her body for protection and the comforts of her body against harm. We could hear the outside world, like the sound of the vacuum or the dog barking every time the mail man delivered the daily mail just outside the front door.... it is the perfect setup to begin adjusting to the outside world, isn't it? There wasn't a single thing from the outside world that could touch us. Nothing. It was just our job to grow and become a healthy living being. We thrived.

Does it ever make you wonder what goes on inside the mind of a brand new baby once they've emerged into the outside world brand new from their mother's womb? I wondered it the very moment my son was laid into my arms just after giving birth to him. His eyes met mine... he and I stared into each other's eyes, studying them, fixating on them. Yet, he was so very calm. As if he definately knew the voice behind the eyes that stared back at him. There was a very strong bond that formed at that very moment.

Girls, this......... this is the very bond that your Heavenly Father desires from us. Our hope, our lives, our breath comes from him. Our hearts were formed by him. Just as we were dependent upon our mothers from the time that we were conceived, it is our hearts that are dependent upon Jesus. He is our validation, our comfort, our peace.. he longs to have that strong bond in our hearts for us to live in the freedom that he truly desires for us. Our value and belonging is our core, yet, he is creator of our value. How beautiful. Beautiful you.

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