Thursday, May 20, 2010


My mom and I had a short visit today while my son was having a descent afternoon....being that he was in good spirits it made it easy to have a relatively positive experience out and about. I've noticed something lately about my relationship with my mother..... that it works. As a teen, I was one of those rather rebellious souls that couldn't have cared less if I melded well with the parental units and more often than not - I was at odds with them. More specifically, my mother was the hardened culprit of my misfortune in my eyes. It was the smoldering of female hormones mixed with all the bitter feelings that I soured towards the world around me. It was never my fault, it was always her fault. Even when my friends were always arguing, my grades were horrible and I had cigarette lighters hidden above the ceiling tiles of my always private bedroom. Yes, it was my sanctuary, but really... what in the world was I planning to do with those doggone lighters? I didn't even know, truthfully, would I light the house on fire?? God only knows. Thankfully, my parents (both of them, mind you) found them before I could do any damage with that stupid idea. Obviously I had a lot of helk to pay for even having them in my possession and in my room, I might add. Whenever I was questioned, lectured, 'bossed around' or whatever... I never ever had a reasonable excuse for my misgivings. It was always my angry, bitter attitude that was the issue. I hated the world and the world I lived in.

But you know, as I said before, there's always a silver lining. Whether you choose to find it is up to you. Back then, I really didn't care. Truthfully, the only time I ever felt really loved when I was a kid - was never. When I was interested in guys as a teen, I wasn't attracted to the guys who seemed to have a real interest in ME. It was always the guys that I deemed as 'hot' who really didn't pay me the time of day. Too bad! I look back on those days and think, 'if I would have known what I know now....' 
What I am getting at here is that there is so much more worth to our hearts and our lives than meets our own eyes. I had never looked at myself and thought... I am worth so much! No, I didn't. And no one ever really tried to make me believe that either. But, I am going to tell you that right now - - YOU are worth SO MUCH!  You may have so much weighing on your shoulders these days. You may not even really look at your parents and think that they really love you. I will tell you this, however, regardless of how you feel about yourself and the world around you... you are loved. You are valued and you are desired. By Jesus. He made you, he formed you, and he made you perfect in his image. And because of that, girl, you are beautiful.

Do not let the world around you make you small and insignificant. You are gorgeous and significant. You are loved. And you are treasured.

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