Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Alabaster Room

It is nightfall and imagine you are sitting in the home of a very good friend of yours who is having a nice dinner gathering to just enjoy everyone's company. Everyone is sitting at the table enjoying themselves- having fine food, conversing and taking in the good company. When in comes a woman, long tousled hair from the day's work. She has a pleasant appearance about her as she walks in the room past each friend visiting. She walks slowly and gracefully but with purpose... her eyes shine as she makes her way to the guest of honor. In her hands, she holds a beautiful, distinguished jar filled with expensive perfume. Carefully and gently she holds the jar in her hands as to not waste a single drop of this divine ointment. As she makes her way closer to her desired guest, a beautiful smile emerges, as though she is carrying an intriguing secret.  Then, as she stands before Jesus, she gingerly lifts the jar she is holding and slowly pours the delicate ointment over his head as it beads down his head and hair.
This beautiful jar, this jar filled with such expensive perfume was the only possession that the woman felt carried any value of her - and she used it to show Jesus her love and adoration for him. That is all she felt she had to show how much she loved him. And that was her worship to him. The disciples scoffed at her for 'wasting' such expensive perfume and pouring all over Jesus' head. Yet, Jesus was in awe of her selfless action towards him. He knew that she took the only thing that she felt she had of value and honored him with that.

Thus... The Alabaster Room. It is a dedication for the female heart to celebrate their value, their beauty, their feminine heart. To have joy in the fact that indeed, the female heart is to be cherished, loved and celebrated. That you matter to Christ. You were formed with a great purpose and everything that you possess is worthy to bring to the table as a form of love. To love God, to love your family, to love yourself. It is priceless, timeless, breathtaking, gorgeous, beautiful... girl, the list could go on and on. Literally. So... don't waste the possessions you have in your heart. That's what The Alabaster Room is all about.... being that place to embrace all that you are - - in your beautiful heart.

Matthew 26:7-10

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