Tuesday, September 21, 2010

You can change the world

To all of you who are full time students - whether it be high school, college, or a student of life - this week, I feel your pain. It is finals week for me as a college student. It is brutal. Yes, I was in college many years ago as a teen and young adult, and here I am in my thirties back in the game. It's tough - I forgot how tough it is - let's just put it that way. I found myself grumbling a few times, to myself and to my husband, and yes there were a couple of key moments when I wanted to throw something at a professor (sorry if any of you read this.... I'm just voicing my frustrations, here). Thank God my classes are done on-line because if looks could kill, someone woulda been instantlly killed. Just sayin.

So, all in all, being a full time wife, mommy, housekeeper, bookeeper, grocery shopper, errand runner, baby entertainer, and all that goes into all of that - PLUS being a full time student with 9 full credits to complete within 5 weeks. OMGosh.... my head is spinning. Someone hand me an advil! OK, so I'm not fully done whining as you can see. But - I do have a point. Really. I do.

Perseverance, people! It is absolutely vital when you are running a race of any kind, shape or form. No pain, no gain. Seriously. I'm not just saying that to see myself type. It is a true and real thing that one must possess in order to get through life's most challenging and taxing moments. It also builds character. Lots of character. If you can come out of the toughest with flying colors -  still smiling like you just met your best friend in the whole wide world, you're ahead of the game my friend. Many have lost their patience and personal perseverance. Its a 'fast food' world out there.They've lost their ability to carry through to the very end and say that they accomplished something magnificent. You can outrun that mindset. You have the potential to finish the race and change the world. But only if you really want to.

SO. The question is..... do you really want to? Who's with me??? Let's finish and change the world - because we can!

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