Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fast Forward? No. Click.

Ever wish you could conduct your day opposite of the way you feel? In that same day, make everything around you go the way you want it do vs the opposition you seem to get from everything you touch? Yep. I know it. It's such a relief when the day has come to an end, you can go to bed knowing that it is a new day and a new start. But what happens on the days that you wake up the next morning and everything is as it was the day previous?? Can you fast forward? Uh.. no. Unfortunately, God never gave us a remote control like that... or maybe we just need to pay a visit to Bed, Bath and Beyond only to go the waaay beyond in the back of the store and the sneaky guy in the back room will issue us the all-in-one remote that'll fast forward us through everything we don't want to do in life to the pure blissful moments in life instead. Only problem is, we'll wind up like Adam Sandler, missing out on all the little phases of life and nearly dying of a broken heart and missing half of his life. He missed the 'Dragon Tales' phase of his little girl, he missed his son growing up wanting to be just like him. He also missed out on his loving and doting father just wanting to spend time with him even though it always seemed like it was at the most pressing times of his work career.

Does this ring a bell? If you haven't seen the movie, 'Click', it can be a hard movie to watch but it has a fantastic message behind it: FAMILY. If we keep thinking the shoulda coulda wouldas... we'll never fully live life. If I could just get a better job, if I could just get that promotion. If we could only get that bigger house.... things will be so much better. If only....... you fill in the blank. Jesus came so that we could live in the now.
Live NOW. Love NOW. Not later. Later may be too late.

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