Monday, May 3, 2010

Stubborn as a mule

I sometimes wonder if payback is really as cracked up to be as they say it is.... cause if it is, I'm in for a real dousey! (wince) As I'm what feels like constantly struggling to put my son down for a nap, it occurs to me (funny how I get this right around Mother's Day) that as my son is less than a peach with going to sleep during daylight hours, I was about as sour as a bad apple to my own mother as a kid. My, God must  have some serious hindsight for me. As I'm trying to train my son that 'night-night' means GO TO SLEEP, I'm recollecting the conversation my mother and I had on the phone not too recently where she said, "you might just have to pray for patience".  That in my mind is a recipe for disaster! Why? You might ask... it has been known from many a conversation I have had with believers and non-believers in Christ that I've known that when one asks God for patience.... it is tested to the BRINK!  as I chuckle... is it really something I need to be tested with? Can't God just grant me patience when I need it? Gosh, why do things always have to be so difficult? I've always had to learn things the hard way it seems. And no.. this is not me having a pity party or just complaining. This is me saying, 'hey - wake up and smell the roses!'  - - - to myself.

Honestly, everything comes with a lesson in life. My son, is that lesson. Where's the significance here? Well, I'll tell you.  :)   Even though at the very moment I am listening to the baby monitor waiting for my son to quit wailing for me to come and get him but rather for him to get tired of waiting and just lie back down and go to sleep.... I am thinking of patience and how I keep telling myself to not go to the place of frustration.... again. God is whispering to me to continue to love that little boy and that patience comes with persistance. He's also telling me that I am the very mother that that little monkey in there needs and that God created me just for him and vise versa. Never mind his stubborn as a mule personna. Scripture says to 'Train a child as they should go and they will not wander.' So, with scripture in my heart and on my tongue, and love as my guidance I will be the mother that God has made me to be and train my child in the way he should go.

What does God say to you about your weaknesses? No matter where you are in your life, your weakness if overcome do not break you but make you.... that is if you give them to God to mold for his likeness. I challenge you to take your weaknesses by the horns and channel them to positiveness. Change your world and change your life.

With Love, mel

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