Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Are YOU the one?

My husband and I attended a youth service tonight at our church... it's amazing how much energy these kids have! Wow!! But it's awesome because so many of them truly do have a heart for God and it's evident in the way they worship and how they relate with one another.
The message of the night was something that was pretty gripping, something like, 'THIS could be the year', 'YOU could be the one'. In other words, this could be the year that an entire state could be impacted for Christ. You could be the one to change the world.... could you imagine? For example, think about the fact that if you invited one or two friends (or family members) to church. Then, one or both of those friends invites a couple of their friends... it's like a domino effect. Consider the fact that it could be an amazing epidemic! If God led you to do your part and set your world ablaze with your love for God and for people -- could you imagine how much of an impact you could have on your schools, your jobs, your families, the rest of your friends or anyone you encounter for that matter? 
It's the same for anyone who's not a student. For an adult...if we walked around with a constant smile on our face with a great attitude just because you know that God has blessed you with an amazing life to live and you're going to make sure the whole world knows about it.... yeah, you may get a few unusual looks, but for the most part people are going to take notice that you're a really happy person and they want to know why. They want what you're having. Don't you think?? I don't know about  you but I'm drawn to cheerful, positive people who just have the most joyous outlook on life. I know of a few people in particular that are very dear to me that I love to be around so much just to soak in their joy. That makes people's heads turn! And it's the love of Jesus that makes those heads turn. Do YOU want to make head's turn?? Do you want to make an impact in people's lives?? Let's do it! Let's show the world what a blessing and amazing journey it is to live out loud!! Are ya with me?!

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