Thursday, June 10, 2010

Girl Time

Today was an interesting day. My son was just not himself. He was tired, I was tired. He was beyond cranky, yet didn't want to take much for naps. Ugh. Just another one of those days. Part of my worry today was the fact that I felt as though he may not have been feeling like himself, it was rainy and gloomy outside... yet we were supposed to be going to meet up at a playdate that morning and also go to the doctor to find out WHY he didn't act himself. I just wanted sleep. I just wanted peace. It just wasn't happening... not on my son's clock, that is!
We wound up going to our little playdate. And thank God we did. I was reminded today of  how much I need to have positive female relationships in my life. Even if I have to have my child in tow. Regardless of being a sweaty, dingy mommy  - or being a single young woman - female connections are vital! It was a breath of fresh air today to connect on a womanly, female level with another human adult female. Someone who shared my faith level, my passion for life, and who had simular views on the world we live in and the importance of our female hearts. Girls..... we need this. We do. As much as we try our darnest to be strong through all of life's circumstances, it is so very important to make connections with the other females we have in our lives. If you do not have these types of connections... pray for them to come into your life and go out and make friends with these types of ladies.

Our hearts are meant to love, to nurture, to have deep connections with those we love and care for. Yet, if we do not make a daily connection with God as well as with other women who share our heart's desire... we begin to fall short in who we are as the female heart. Take time to have coffee with the girls or go for a short walk with a close gal pal of yours. Make that connection and make it a priority. You'll be so glad you did - I promise!

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