Sunday, April 13, 2014

So much to do so little time

Have you ever noticed how quickly time goes? It feels like 5 years have gone by in the blink of an eye... I have been going through old photos and just being captured down memory lane. My daughter's and my son's birthdays are coming up soon and I just can't believe we're going to have a 5 year old! How is that possible?!? I can vividly remember that evening he was born - how the midwife rested him on my chest and how his eyes just searched mine. I remember whispering 'Hello' to him for the first time and sweetly telling him that I was his Mommy.. his eyes were completely fixed onto mine.  I had thought that I would cry tears of joy when he was initially born, but, I was so caught up in the awe and magic in that moment that I couldn't help but stare into his eyes and try to take in as much of that amazing first glimpse as I possibly could.  And here I sit, knee-deep in the birthday buzz. (Have I mentioned that my kids LOVE birthdays? Even if its not their own - - they get sooo excited. I love it.)

And then, we had another baby. And then another. For a total of three. Yes, we are a very busy family. Never a dull moment in this house. This third little munchkin, you gotta watch out for her, she's going to give the older two a run for their money! HA! I'm not kidding. Our life here is a four ring circus. (if you haven't figured out, that includes the hubby. I'm the ring master. Once in a while I have to keep them all in line. Right?)

Then, to make another attempt to convince you we're a little crazy... we moved to a new home some months ago. A long time in the making... but it's beautiful and its ours. We have many plans for this home - - to make it more and more ours and closer to our dream home. We had great dreams before this home but, felt the Lord was leading us to put those to the side for the time being and get our family into the space we needed sooner than later. So we did. And we're finding out that with home ownership, there are always projects. Projects to make your home beautiful and gorgeous. Its fun and inspiring. (thanks to Pinterest!)

Where am I going with all of this? First: this is the first post I have done in quite some time. Does that tell you anything? It means that life has been hectic, lots to do, and well.. haven't gotten to the computer to do THIS in a while. Sorry. I'm being honest here. Second: there's more to life than just your home and projects and work. Your home is where you abide and live. Sure you want it to be your dwelling place; your sanctuary and resting place.. but you also want to take that time to enjoy it as a resting place. Work is just work. Yes, it pays the bills and puts food on the table. But it is not our well being, it is not our legacy. Are you going to be remembered for your work? No. You'll be remembered for the time you invested in people and in those you love.

I'm coming to the conclusion that there is such a balancing act in life. There is a time to put in our time to make a living, but it is more valuable and memorable to spend time making memories and making a legacy with our family and our children. They grow in the blink of an eye... becoming these clever, sweet, caring, kind-hearted, comical little people that grow into mature adults before we know it. Granted, mine aren't there quite yet... but I don't want to be there and have regrets either. The other end of the spectrum is being a grandparent and remembering how quickly their children grew and having grandchildren that are growing like weeds. Grandkids are not going to remember how many hours you spent at the office. They're going to remember those awesome moments spent in their presence... the fishing trips, the movies they got to go to with grams and papa, the tractor rides with papa, the walks to the lake and wading in the water with grams, the trips to the waterpark as a family - and gramma & grampa came too!

Make memories, build strong relationships, leave lasting legacies worth building on by those kids and grandkids. Those are the times that matter the most - - forever.