Sunday, July 25, 2010

It was an interesting day yesterday. Very hot, sunny and well.... LOTS to do. You see, our whole family is going on vacation next week. (YAY!) I think.  :?  Anywho.... yes, we're going on vacation. I think that the official 'mother' role has officially kicked in as I went through our medicine cabinet and basically dumped it into our rough draft, if you will, of packing. Which I might add is an empty laundry basket for the time being... so, yeah, right now I have most of the medicine cabinet in a laundry basket and about half of my summer clothes in there (give or take some sweaters and a couple pairs of jeans in case of random cold weather of course - it's MN - you just never know!). We went through and cleaned out our SUV for the first time in forever.... it's amazing how much you can pack into your car over a year's time without realizing it until you clean it Vaccumed it out(!!!) And even put a new air freshner it it. Good as new. So, we had a pretty busy day... packing and cleaning. We never got our naps in like we intended. I don't know about you, but our family thrives on family naps.... I know I know, we're lame like that. But based on that, I thought we'd ALL sleep like babies last night.

WRONG. I know what you're thinking..... UH oh. What happened, right? Well, my son went to bed at 7:40ish in the p.m., and at 11:30pm he is wailing like he just lost his best buddy. So I go in there and pick him up. He's immediately calm as I snuggle him, holding him close to me. Then after a few minutes of me holding him close, he gestures that he wants to go back into his crib and then drifts off back to sleep.  Sigh.... well, that was easy. But, what was that all about? As I think about it now.... he just wanted to be close to his Mama for that moment. He suddenly wanted comfort and his mother's security. Once he did, everything was ok in his world again. :)  
Did you know that that is the relationship that your Heavenly Father desires so much to have with you? He so desperately wants us to look up at him and want His security and closeness. It is His love and peace that makes our world complete and right. Without his grace and love.... we have nothing. And when we do look to him for closeness, he picks us up with willing arms and holds us close with tender love just because he loves us. He is our eternal parent with unending love to hug us and love us always.... just as a mother/father with a child.

Tell him your thoughts, your fears, your joys, sorrows, pain..... he wants all of it. Your heart. Your gorgeous heart. Because He loves you.

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