Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ever had a 'BAM!' ??

Today was one of those 'ho-hum' days.... rainy, gloomy and just really laid back. Days like that just really do not give me much motivation to go out and do much. You know, with it being so wet out and all. But then you get a little bit of cabin fever and you're all 'oh my goodness - I have got to get out of this house and get some fresh air before I melt to death!' Totally what my day was like today!
Yet, do you ever find that days like that make you think more?? Or am I just the normal weirdo....?? Uhh... I heard that! Ok. Fine. I'm a weirdo, I can admit it. Alright, so, here I am on the computer browsing various stores for what I hope to be my son's potential birthday gift from my hubby and I when BAM! All of a sudden this really interesting and crazy message comes to my mind. And it is a message that I heard a couple of days ago in Sunday morning service. Now, I don't want you to think that whatever I hear on a Sunday morning in chuch goes in one ear and out the other, because it doesn't. Honest! But... it seems that I will hear it and know that it applies to me and think, man, what a great message! Then, that same day.... it has left my train of thought and then it happens. Like that 'BAM!' I I told you about.. only it happens like three days later. It suddenly becomes so real and evident in my life and in my heart.

Here it is. You know how in life, we females like to mix everything we do together... you know.. we multi task everything. Yet, often times, we mix way too much of things that are not pure and not glorifying to God in our everyday mix. Well, the truth is, those things that are not edifying do NOT mix. Which is why that life mix doesn't quite work out for us. Not for our lives, our hearts, or our souls. And the worst part is, if we don't recognise it, it can contaminate not only our lives but also our relationships and those that we love and those we interact with. The worst part is, it can damage so much more than we can ever be aware of.  Scary isn't it?  Personally, I think so. It made me really think about what is in my life and in my thoughts that does not need to be there. What should I ADD to my life that encourages purity and that glorifies God? The answer.... Prayer and Persistance. There is another one, but, I will save that for the next post.

Think about it. If prayer was the first thing you concentrated on, even though it may seem small, it truly would turn into a big difference if you practiced it every day.

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