Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's happened...

Well well well. Today I have the case of writer's block. I sit here at my computer thinking, 'what the helk am I going to write about today????' Usually, I have something running through my heart before I even sit down to the computer... and it usually just comes pouring out. But today, all I can think about is the rain, the crazy weird dreams I was having last night (and NO... I am NOT prego.. in case some of you were wondering), and well, gosh, I haven't had lunch yet so what am I gonna have? But doesn't it ever make you wonder if our minds as women will have have a moment to just 'stop'? As if we'll ever take the moment that sits right in from of us to just -stop thinking-??  Ummmm..... not in this lifetime!  HA! Isn't it true though? We're known for our multi-tasking skills and how we somehow manage to balance the whole world on our shoulders.
Even so, we have so many balls that we are managing in the air, if just one person tried to catch one of those balls - - our whole world would crumble into little eetsy beetsy pieces. It would wouldn't it...  that's just how we are. Yet, in the midst of that, our hearts are longing to just be held and told that it's all going to be ok. That no matter what life seems to throw at us faster than a speeding bullet, it's really going to be alright.

You see, that's what we want to hear. That's what we need to know. Our hearts were made to love and to nurture. Our minds do not slow down to hear the 'it's ok', our minds are racing to BE the it's ok. But do you want to know what's so great about how our hearts and minds operate? We were created to be like that. We were!  We possess a heart that just overflows with the need to pour out love and to nurture, yet, we also need it. We were created to love and be loved. To be beautiful and reveal beauty. God gave us the ability to show love yet need His love. His love is what provides everlasting fullfillment in who we are and what purpose we were created for. He is what makes it all 'ok' in our lives regardless of what is being thrown at us. As he promises, 'cast your cares upon the Lord and he will bring you rest'. 

When you need a moment to let your busy mind to wander, let Him have your cares and your heart. Allow him to renew your mind and your heart. Without a renewed heart and mind, it can be difficult to focus on the woman you were meant to be. You are a vision, you really are. Show the world who you are with a clear heart and mind and then watch how you change the world around you. Put on one of your favorite outfits, try on a new lipstick or that nail polish! Now, put on that gorgous smile before you step out your front door... your best day yet is on the horizon.

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