Monday, May 10, 2010

Calling all women!

What do you see when you look into the eyes of a child? Really... There is something truly magnificent about looking into the eyes of a child and knowing that our creater had a breathtaking image in mind. HIS image. In fact I look into the eyes of my son and I am constantly reminded of how perfect and pure he is regardless of how much drool he has surrounding his mouth and how his nose is full of snot. Just because he's teething and has every possible fluid exploding out of him, he's perfect in every way. He doesn't know any better. And then when he catches my eye with that four-toothed smile.... it makes my heart melt. God is good.

This innocence and pure heart is exactly what God intended for us as we walk our lives with him. Every child is born with this kind of heart and it is this heart and purity that God desires for us and his children as well. Scripture is chalk full of examples of how he wishes for us to have the 'heart of a child' when it comes to our faith and our desire for the things of God.
"Let the children come to me. For the kingdom of God belongs to such as these."  Mark 10:14
Jesus wanted us to know that the faith of a child is highly desirable to God because their hearts and minds have not been corrupted by the mind of the world but completely pure with love for Christ. This is the very heart that God desires of us. To love him and put our faith in him without hesitancy or restraint.

As Mother's Day was just yesterday, I'm sure many women were celebrated for their nuturing and loving hearts. If you are a mother or about to be a mother, take a moment to look into your child's eyes or even imagine looking into your child's eyes... their eyes are full of love - for you. Purely and innocently. Even if they are older and don't always feel like they looovvveee you..... rest assured Mom, in their heart of hearts - they love you. A LOT.  As does Jesus Christ. More than you know.

So, ladies, as you read this.... you are remarkable. As a woman, a wife, fiance, girlfriend, friend, daughter, sister, grandmother, and yes... mother. Keep shining because you are loved!

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