Monday, October 11, 2010

Dream BIG and just watch...

Life can be crazy. I also know that I am not the only human being that sometimes feels as though it is all crashing down on them. If I were the only one, I'd have to bring a few of me down with me so I wouldn't be the only weird one of the bunch. I had made a pact that I was going to be more consistent with my postings, and as it is soley considered my 'Internship' for school now as well... for the past few weeks I have failed miserably. I took three, three credit classes in five weeks in order to stay on track for graduation next fall. It caused me to fall a bit behind on my posts. Why, you wonder??  I first must be a wife, mother, and then a student all at the same time. It isn't easy. But to come out on the other side walking down the graduation aisle, I have to do it. This website depends on it.

You see, my dream and ultimate goal with The Alabaster Room is to not only make it into a 'virtual' reality, but also a physical reality. The Alabaster Room's main objective is to reach out to teen girls and women everywhere to make them aware of their beauty and uniqueness through the eyes and love of Jesus Christ. Eventually, as the proper timing arises, Alabaster Room will literally become a place where girls can actually come and just be girls - to hang out, enjoy the fellowship of one another, and simply have fun. There will be professional counseling available to those who have life issues to talk about and seek positive guidance and prayer about their situation(s) and be shown true love through the hearts of elder women who love them.

Yes, I have big dreams. Those dreams don't end there either... I have many bigger ones up my sleeve. I'm not afraid to dream big, because God wants us to dream as big as we possibly can and then put full trust and faith in Him to bring them to pass - as long as we are obedient to what he instructs us to do. I am excited for what God's going to do in the future. In my family, with and through my family, with The Alabaster Room, with our family business.... everything.  I believe that if we don't dream big, we don't dream at all. If I hadn't chosen to dream big and chosen to stick with the high standards God called me to to begin with - I wouldn't be where I am now.  God is good. SO good. Do not be afraid to dream and dream BIG. If you choose to trust and be faithful.... those very dreams can become reality - you just watch!

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