Monday, June 28, 2010

The day of pure bliss...

It's been really busy the past couple of weeks.... preparing for a child's very first birthday party, family members buying and selling homes, moving family members into the homes newly purchased, parents falling at work or randomly (!!) and trying to be on the road to recovery. Yesterday, was a great day and very very busy I might add. Getting everything together for this big bang birthday and then putting the party on.... lugging home all of the grand presents bestowed upon my somewhat unknowing son (I smile at this...) and getting the job of cleanup completed so that my husband and I can finally heave a sigh of relief that we did it! It was so funny how we were working so hard to make everything so stinkin perfect for him, being that it is his very first birthday ever.... he really didn't know the difference either way. We can tell him about how it all went down, show him pictures of his first party and who came to celebrate his big day.
But truthfully, he won't remember a blink of it. So....... who cares, right? We did. It will be one year ago tomorrow that that amazing and eventful day came into our lives and we welcomed such a bright joyous life into OUR lives. It doesn't even feel like a year ago that I was in labor pretty much all day long, at 4:30 in the afternoon I had the worst back labor ever and those contractions - - whew! How strong and intense. I remember all of it vividly. Yet, all of that was wiped away when that precious little baby was placed into my arms the moment he came out and I was gazing into his eyes as he gazed into mine. He studied my eyes so intensely as I softly spoke to him..... he was so calm and peaceful the moment he emerged from my womb. He knew my voice, he knew my smell. Now, he was learning my eyes and my touch as they now corresponded with the voice he had grown to know for the previous nine months in my belly. How precious he was.... and how precious he grows to be each and every moment we lay eyes on him!

Truly, this recollection reminds me of how God looks at his daughters... we are his beautiful, beloved daughters. He created us with such vision and purpose. He knew exactly what he was doing when he formed each intricate detail of our hearts, our character, our personality... everything about us! And he just smiles at us so adoringly every time he gazes at us. He just loves us so so much! It is our very lives that he created and destined for us to live with greatness and beauty. He made us with such an amazing design that not one person can ever come close to replacing what he created in our lives. It is yours and yours alone. Take it and run with it.... no one else has the same gifts, skills, personality, or 'wiring' as you have. Embrace what he created it you and celebrate it in every which way you can. You are as unique as you allow yourself to be.

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