Saturday, January 7, 2012

Look UP!

There are moments in life when we think about our past decisions, choices, mistakes, pitfalls what have you and it sinks in that we may have dug ourselves in a hole that seems almost impossible to dig ourselves out of. Or, maybe we have no control over our circumstances and we simply find ourselves in a pit desperately trying to get out and not sure how. Been there? Me too.

There have been times when I will sit down to paperwork when I am forced to focus and concentrate and BAM! I begin to think about the stresses - if only I had said 'no', knowing full well that going the opposite direction would mean I would pay for it. Sadly, we do not always make the right decisions in life. We try to convince ourselves that 'it'll be fine and we'll make it work or we'll figure it out'. Then later comes along and its a mind-wrenching thing that we can't just shrug off. We lay in bed contemplating what has to happen to make everything alright again. What changes need or can be made to change what consequences may be upon us. Oh gosh.... I could go on and on. But really, do you understand how this is? Its a down ward spiral.

And then to have the conversation with someone who knows the dread of it all. But  you know, you can only talk about how stupid it all was so much. It becomes old and you can stress and stress all you want. The conclusion is: the only place to look is UP. If you keep looking down, then yes, you're going to continue to go into that downward spiral and become depressed. That's where the enemy wants you to look, ultimately - down. To feel so bad about yourself and all of your mistakes in life that you think you're better off away from anything else that you can affect. So untrue!

God wants us to know that his mercies are new every morning. He forgives us from every single transgression we bear. Isn't that wonderful news? It means that we have no reason to fret. No reason to worry or stress. If we know that we've made mistakes, admit to them, ask him to help you change and move on to better things. Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. And where there is freedom, there is joy of heart. Look UP. Rejoice in his greatness and glory. He is the ultimate in every possible situation we can go through. The next time you find yourself in a pickle - have a conversation. Not only does getting it off your chest do wonders but he wants to  hear from us. He loves to hear from us. We are his precious little girls whom he adores and would do anything for!  You know the expression, 'chin up'? Well, its true. Look up to  your Heavenly Father and let him bring life to your soul.

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