Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Note of Recollection

So here we are. A full year is behind us - many ups and downs along the way.... hopefully for most it has been more ups than the later. This year has been such an eventful year to say the least! Our family took on the spiritual responsibility of trusting God for a vibrant, healthy baby girl and by God - He is GOOD. Truly. Our baby girl will turn one year old this coming April and I have to say that time has seriously flown by. We've enjoyed every single moment of our two precious babies - every new milestone, watching them discover the world around them and witnessing everything their little eyes take in. They are just little wet sponges of wonderfulness. How do you ever get over the love you have in your heart for them or even better, the love they give you each and every day no matter how fun or frustrating they can be at the darnest times? Its fantastic really. And I wouldn't trade it or them in a million trillian years.

Kinsella Chiropractic welcomed an associate to the practice. It has been such a blessing to have another doctor. Tim still works as many hours he can yet he has more freedom to do what he loves most - be with his family and work with young men with wrestling.  There was so much that happened with our faith in this transition that we were not sure at first if He was showing us the right path or not, however, through this we've learned to trust His word and understand that his will always prevails as long as we seek his opinion and not ours.

All in all, as I look back on the year, I see how our faith was shaken dramatically in so many circumstances  - and yet we've come out shining for His glory miraculously. As a pregnant mommy, at first I wasn't sure how we were gonna make it through with a healthy baby. With many prayers backing us up, baby girl is a bright-eyed brilliant little piece of work! Glory to God!!  Our new doctor helping Tim out is such a kind, compassionate soul who seems to be blending his methods well with our faithful patients. How blessed we are! 
I look at 2012 with promise and great things to come. I think about what our Pastor's wife, Cheryl Curran said mid-year on Facebook.... 'Faith is specific. What do YOU want from God?'  Or as a girl friend of mine stated in regards to that quote, 'DO what you want from God.... if you need more funds, give more. That's just one example. Think outside the box.  This new year can be what you want it to be. Be positive. Be the change you want to see in the world. God will reward you abundantly. For where your heart is, there your treasure is also.  Yes, this is advise that I must take to heart as well. It is something that I have been pondering on for myself.

Let's be visionaries. Let's let love lead. Let God be God. Let's dream and dream BIG.

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