Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Prayers: Are they empty or full of life?

The past few weeks at Sunday morning service we've been hearing about empty prayers. Prayers that we think in our heads/hearts and have every intention of praying about in a consistant manner and maybe even fasting on.................. and then life gets in the way. Sound familiar. Yep. I know. Me too. Its not that I don't care or that I forget about what needs are present. Its that I'm not good at consistancy. Those that know me very, very well would agree on this fact about me. Ahhemm... but don't say it! I know that God knows my heart and he knows my intentions are pure and full of excitement when it comes to where my faith lies on the matter. I know that he is fully capable of answering prayers that I have for my life, for my family, and for the world around us. I simply must have prayer in my heart daily - not just at mealtime (which I might add, my son literally reminds us at every single meal by folding his hands and screaming MOM!! MOM!! if we happen to forget to do so... ) or when I'm putting my babies down at bedtime. Its while I'm driving. While I'm loading and unloading the dishwasher. Or folding laundry and making dinner.

Our pastor has been talking about fasting. Fasting for your prayer requests. Yeah, usually its fasting food (!!) but can be anything - television, internet, coffeeeeee (hehe), soda....or whatever we hold very dear to our hearts.  :)  And in case you have your doubts about the power of prayer and fasting - you can ask me anytime about times that I fasted and prayed about specific prayer needs I had throughout my life that I recieved an answer to prayer on those very things. I can tell you from testimony that there is an annointing in this method of prayer and trust that God is faithful.

So. If you have prayers unanswered because of inconsistant intentions like I do (empty), I challenge you to a five day fast. Let's clarify. A fast of some sort. Like I said, it does not have to be food. It can be anything that you can decidedly abstain from that normally you would do every single day and take that time in prayer for your (and/or others') prayer needs. Watch and see what God does in your life and in the lives around you! I have personally made a list of Prayer Needs for the year of 2012 and posted on our refrigerator for my family and I to be in consistant prayer for. I am excited to see what God's going to bring about this year!! 

Pray with me will you?

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