Monday, January 23, 2012

When It Rains It Pours

Any chance you've ever had a day or a week when it seems as though life just comes down crashing on you with no room to come up for air? It would seem that everyone and everything is out to get you? And all you would rather do is simply hide under a rock and wave a red flag in surrender and have someone let you know when its all over and done with and life can go on as you remembered it. Yes. I know the feeling all too well. This past week has been a week that I'd rather not remember or do over again. Without going into a long, drawn out drama story of events, lets just say that I am avidly learning the concept of grace, understanding, and well... comic relief. Every hear about that? Its that moment when all you wanna do is kick, cry, and scream.... yet instead, you choose to see the humor in the situation and find yourself chuckling or dare I even say - laughing until you cry.

There were moments this week when I literally found myself standing in the middle of the room in the midst of caos looking up at the heavens and asking God, 'why? why does it have to all happen at once?'  It is truly a moment where I could have used a good, long hug. No words of comfort or its ok. Just a hug.

However, now looking back I see that even though I do not get a direct answer to all the chaos or the reason for why things have been happening the way they do, I understand that there is no rhyme or reason to why events come to pass or that anyone is at fault. Things happen. But God still expects us to be his children and rely on him for our comfort and to trust in him in all things - regardless of the situation or even the outcome. He created us and he loves us. And all he wants from us is our heart. Now, I can't control who leaves this world, or whether a pet will be ok. I can't stop an auto accident or a vehicle from malfunctioning. And I can't make my children be obedient (but I can teach them the art of listening and obeying). The list can go on and on.... what I can control is how faithful I am to abiding by God's Word and loving Him with my whole heart.

With that said, that also means glorifying Him in all situations - which I might add, I fail in this department at times, but when we do fail we must repent and move on to fulfilling his calling in our lives. We have a higher purpose that sitting there in a puddle of misery despairing over all of our woes. It is serving him despite hardships in our lives and living in joy and love.


  1. But you did an answer when you looked up asking why? why?. In His still small voice He responded 'Be still and know that I Am God', cuz He Is...He still is...Thankfully, and how good THAT is to know in times like this. I need to be reminded of that too right now....He's still there/here, right beside me/us/you....(tearing up)...and He's holding us close...cuz He knows we need Him a little more than usual right now and for awhile yet. So let's hold on to Jesus together, as that's what He's there for. :)

    1. Oh, I forgot to add....Love, Momma Di


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