Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Needy Dog

As I was awoken this morning by the sound of a constant and persistant 'growl' I knew that it meant that either my 'out like a light' husband or me, who I might add was just as sleep deprived, would have to begrudgingly pick ourselves up out of our so cozy bed and take the the mongrel out to do his mighty business. Thankfully, it was my doting husband that made the move. However, the scratchy sound of the dogs claws on the tile floor was what enabled the sound of a waking cry that could only be described as, 'Hey! I heard you.... now come and get me outa here!'. Yes.... that would be our son, who was apprarently very awake and he wasn't going to let me forget it. I was suddenly very aware of how mad at the dog I was.

But you know, this reminded me of something as I was feeding my son breakfast. How often does life present itself in such a way that is completely inconvenient to our own wants or needs, yet, God seems to have a very significant meaning for us at that very time? Regardless if we feel like listening to it or not? At times, it seems as though He speaks to us the loudest in the most vulnerable moments - like when we first wake up and the world has not begun to enter our minds.  It's very much how I didn't want to get out of bed to attend the needs to my son, yet, my son has this reveling affect on me that no matter how tired I am I love love love being near him and seeing his little eyes gaze into mine. Just think how it must be for God. Even for that small moment when we look to him just to say, I love  you, he loves us a million trillion times more!

If we could just get past the initial wake up stage in our lives and simply embrace the things that lie beneath the surface and really take a deeper look at our passions, our desires and what really gives us joy - - could you imagine how your life would change? Not only that, but seek to make a difference in the lives of the women around you. Even if it's simply bringing coffee to your coworker some morning - make her day - with a coffee and a smile.  Or calling that friend that you don't get a chance to talk to often  - just to say 'hello, I was thinking of you today'.  Make the extra effort to love who you are and the ladies in your life. Make Jesus smile.... cause He's more in love with you now than ever before.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder, lil' cous... life is so busy! Those darn early morning meetings... stop at the gas station during lunch so we aren't late for religion tonight (wait, what day is it? BMX night?) Stop for groceries while the kids are at church... did DH say we were out of bread, or was it milk?? Quick go over that spelling test before bed! Oh crap we forgot about supper (what a bad mom!) Good think I bought a frozen pizza, all the food group, right? Hurry up and brush your teeth so the dog can get a bath... for some reason she likes rolling in dead things! Yes, I know you prayed at church- do it again. Well, I guess that was a good day... they prayed twice! I think I go in spurts with remembering why I'm here, and who put me here in the first place. Now that gardening season is here, I will remember more often who created this beautiful place, and all the beautiful things (and people) in it! You're on to something here with your blog... keep at it, it's great!


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