Monday, April 26, 2010

Breathtaking Beauty

Who are you? Really - who are you? I often wonder that myself. Knowing full well that I am created with a real image in mind... I have my days, too. lol. But do we women always have a greater sense of knowing, just because we are of the female gender? Honestly, I think I look at us as though we are 'She-woman' or 'SuperWoman' based on all of the things we do in our daily lives. If you're a teen, you're concerned about what you are going to wear to school today or that text that you just recieved from your BFF. Oh, and finals are this week - but then there's that dress you have to find for prom that's only around the corner.
If you're a single young woman, you may be concentrating on meeting your deadlines or finding time to meet up with your best girlfriends. Then, there's the question of meeting that one guy that makes your life complete. Then, there's the moms out there who feel as though they balance the whole world on their shoulders.  Super Woman??  I would say so!

Ladies, truly, we are treasures in every sense of the word. On the inside out.... did you know that? We really are. There's no hiding the fact that society puts so much pressure on our minds, our bodies and our hearts. It can be very hard to take just that one moment to remember that no matter what labels we give ourselves based on all of the pressures of life - beauty is our essence. It is the way God made us. Live in it. Bask in it. Be the breathtaking beauty you truly are.

My love,  mel

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