Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Its all in the family

Now, to those close to our family who thought that these two would be constantly in competition for attention.......................................................................... well, you were right. However, despite the competion, these two are madly in love. From the moment his little sister was born he loved her so much. Now, when it comes to toys, (whether or not they are his or hers does not matter) then big brother is all for himself. HA!  I couldn't resist posting this - I even had it put onto Daddy's iphone it was so cute. Its one of the things I love about being the family photographer... catching those amazing candid moments that I'll probably never lay eyes on again.

But I ask myself this - how do I nurture this affection they have toward one another so that it grows to a strong, intangible bond between them in the years to come? I was praying about this yesterday afternoon as I was thinking about it.. I felt as though the Lord was showing me that its one of those things you develop - on a day to day basis. You teach them about love just as He teaches us about his love for us as well as to protect each other as your own. No matter how happy or angry they make you - - you love them because they're a part of you and a part of your family.

I need to love my fellow brother/sister because they are a part of my family. The body of Christ. Whether or not I agree with their choices and the lifestyle they choose - they are a child of God. Just like me.

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