Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Dreams and Trust = Amazing Results

Often times in life we try to have a plan in plays for different areas of our lives.... where do we want to be in five years, we want to be debt-free in 2 years, want to begin starting a family next year, want to be accepted into a great college in a year, I want to find the job of my dreams within the next two years..... oh my! The list can go on and on. I've had my share of goals and aspirations. Honestly, many of them I have succeeded in accomplishing.  I believe that God is pleased when we dream, believe, and work at making these things happen - truly!
However, the dream and believing needs to be balanced with trust. Trust that if we are obedient and faithful to his calling and his voice that He will make the end result way better than we could have ever imagined. You see, our plans are just plans. Without Jesus included in these plans they are somewhat empty. Let me explain.

Did you ever wish for something to come true or happen?  Of course. Did you ever try on your own to make it happen? And if it didn't happen on your own timing and efforts was it disapointing? Yeah, probably. And even if it did, it was most likely exhausting  - because you had to do it yourself.  Anytime we come before the Lord in our requests, he is so pleased that we are trusting him for the outcome. He wants to do great things for us - in fact he longs to be gracious to his children.

Recently, I've decided that my trying and planning wasn't working. I had an idea and I went to the Lord about it. I prayed that if I were to go in this new direction that I would feel a peace and an excitement about it. I'll be real - I was uncertain at first. Yet, when I realized I literally had nothing to lost but potentially just time... I took the leap. And I am so glad I did. Jesus has led me every step of the way and I know that he is not going to leave me hanging. I am in a position now where my family and I will be one step closer to our dreams in (hopefully) due time.

Whatever your true desires and dreams are - never, ever let them go. They were put there for a reason. They were put there by God. He desires for you to go after them and pursue them but he wants so much to be apart of enabling them to come alive in a magical and wonderful way. So trust him and see where he takes you!

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