Thursday, January 13, 2011

I have proof. I dare you.

I've been learning a lot lately about the power of trust, faith, and just plain positive thinking. Did you know that by simply thinking positively can not only empower your outlook on things in general but it can also have a direct effect on the outcome of things in life. My husband and I have never once thought we'd find ourselves in the most unusual circumstances - in more ways than one- yet it seems as though there is always something to learn out of everything you go through whether it may be good or bad. Seemingly, our attitudes and outlooks fall in the path of where we put our thoughts and our energy - - on the positive or negative spectrum. In our current line of direction, there is no room for pity parties. No sir. The moment pity parties and 'poor me' syndrome appear, evil or shall I say the devil, has a direct foothold. I refuse to give acknowledgement to such things.... I am fighting for our unborn child and for our family.
God dwells in our home, in our thoughts, in our hearts, in our steadfast prayers, at our dinner table, even in what we watch on t.v. and listen to on the radio. We are keenly aware of what we allow in the front door of our home as well as what we allow in the front door of my husband's business. Jesus is the gatekeeper of our world.
Yes, I will admit that when we first recieved startling news about the wellbeing of our developing child we were a bit rattled. I would say that it might be relatively normal... actually my husband was more rattled than I was a first, I was more, 'Not with my God. My God is bigger than any test or medical result' with every possible scenario the dr's would throw at us. It wasn't until a week or two later that it sunk in that we were truly fighting a battle that I had finally broken down. It took me to truly visualize the surrendering of our unborn child to the arms of Christ that things began to turn around. That, and literally changing my outlook on the entire situation. With every dr. appointment, I am praying. I am trusting God's hand of covering over this child. I am positively believing for a great report, great blood levels in this child, and that my visit to the dr will be a short and sweet one.

If we were to take every pity or negative thought and turn it into a positive, trusting thought, imagine what it would do with your entire thought life and even your most challenging difficult situations. Humor me and try it. I have proof that faith and trust provide miracles. Changes lives. Changes wellbeing. Its all a about a choice and consistancy. I dare you.

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