Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Where am I going?

Ever wonder where life is taking you in its journey? You may have a day's agenda: work, day's worth of classes, homework, chores/housework to do, balancing a check book, errands to run, and if you have children.... running after your babies. Its a lot, right? Yes, I know. Very well. Sometimes makes you wish you could add another hour or two to each day so that maybe you can get almost all of it done and actually take a moment at the end of the day to breathe and savor your life. I think at times I bite off more than I can chew. But that goes without saying - - I know many, many others who do this, too. Its a female way of life - err, way of thinking. (wink) Are you still with me?  Ok. Good. So you agree? Yes......... we are super women, aren't we? Or so it seems. Many say they couldn't keep up with us even if they tried. But hey, that's just the way we are. I guess. But is there maybe more that I'm missing here? Kinda got me thinking lately.....

So, here I am. Nearly a college grad (with 1 credit left and I'm officially there) and well, I still wonder, where am I going??? I am a married woman (to an amazing man - gosh am I blessed) with two precious kiddos, and a (almost)college degree under my belt. And then I say to the Lord, "Lord, where would you have me to go from here...?"  I have to say, I am still praying on that one, and not sure yet where the outcome will come out to. However, I do know this. That wherever it may be that it will be glorious. You see, I am blessed and fortunate enough to stay home with my lovely babes. I do help out with the family practice and put in my two cents here and there. But this is nowhere near utilizing where my true passion lies. My writing is dedicated to the female heart - that is where my passion is. Not necessarily writing per say, but speaking to the female heart and soul.

Her heart yearns to be loved and adored. And her soul longs to be understood and desired. Jesus' very breathe is for her. Her validitity is found in Him. Her heart and soul can be thoroughly nourished through Him. And He loves her - through and through. It is in Him and through Him that she finds her purpose and her place in life. Her destiny. He leads the way.... and when she finds herself in the desert and can no longer walk - he carries her. He is her way. He is her salvation.

So where am I going? I am finding out that it is just a bit deeper yet more simplified than one might think. Doesn't make sense? Let me explain. When Moses was told by God that he was to lead the Israelites out of Egypt - he figured God had the wrong man. That was far too big of a task for one small man. Before that, he was simply watching over sheep. But all he had to do was follow God's leading and God would do the rest. And He did. Moses had no clue what was coming when he asked God, 'who am I?' He very well could have been saying 'where am I going?' when he asked that question.

So as I have been asking God the very same thing..... I am going where he leads me. Wherever that may be. My days may get busy and too much to take at times but to take that one moment to thank Him for bringing me to every place in life that I've wanted to go - and know that He is faithful to no end. It means that I will continue to go everywhere I desire to go at some point in my life. Why? Because He is good.

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