Monday, October 14, 2013

Go Celebrate and Jump in Some Leaves

This is time of year when everything changes - - the colors on the trees, the climate is all over the place (warm one day, chilly sweatshirt weather the next - rain, sleet or snow is always possible!) and we start to think Pumpkin Spice and jumping in leaves. And my kids are bouncing off the walls..... wait, they're doing that right now! What's perplexing is how the stores go from Halloween directly into Christmas merchandise. To be honest, I get irritated every year about this. What happened to Thanksgiving? Have we forgotten a holiday or have we forgotten to be thankful for all of our blessings? Some may say, 'what blessings?' I have news - - if you wake up in the morning and have breath, have clothes on your back, food for your belly, and a roof over your head.. you are blessed!

Now, those that know me well know that Halloween is my least favorite holiday of the year, due to how society makes it into a fear-filled horror story with 'ghosts' and 'goblins'.... in scripture, the Lord tells us not to fear. There is no fear Jesus. This time of year is a celebration - of the harvest that God has blessed us with. The food that he has provided. Nourishment. I know, I'm sure many could provide several different links of the true meaning of the fall harvest - or All Hallows Eve. Truthfully, that's not what I'm writing about, here. That's just what got me started today.

I was thinking about celebration. Celebration of the Lord's blessings, provision, and what he has given to us. I was thinking about how we celebrate life, even those that have left us and join Jesus in the Heavens - one in particular that has impacted many recently in their passing including me. If I was going to be truthful I would say that I am not always faithful in my fellowship time with the Lord but I am always communicating to Him about how thankful I am for all that he has done for our family and for his constant care and faithfulness to us - even though we don't deserve it. He loves us. Oh how he loves us! He wants us to be in daily celebration of his love, his faithfulness, for the very fact that he gives us eternal life through his son, Jesus! That is celebration all in itself!

 It is living a life that is focused upon giving of oneself - thinking more of those around us with needs than of what our own needs are. As we give to others, he in return meets our needs and provides according to his riches and glory. It is showering love and selflessness daily over every single person we encounter. Why? Because that is the heart of God. Our time and our hearts is what is required of us to live The Ultimate Life of celebration. To live a life of legacy and purpose. Life is not about us. Its about people. Does not matter who they are, what they look like, or where they are in their lives nor where they've come from. Never give up on anyone. Ever. Be that person that they need at that very moment no matter the cost. Its the 'I'm willing, whattdya need' attitude in life. Meet that need. Be love. And while you're doing that, go jump in some leaves and drink a Pumpkin Spice mocha (or a Chai tea or hot chocolate) for me.

P.s. JH, thanks for reminding me.

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